Mushroom Ceremony of the Mazatec Indians of Mexico

Great record of field recordings that I’m happy to have finally recently acquired. It’s of an Indian woman sitting around eating mushrooms with her friend. Her friend seems much more helpful than mine was the time I ate mushrooms. We put them on cold pizza & sat around drinking tea & listening to a Zombies record until he freaked out – telling me “I think we’ve just eaten alien bodies!” Then, he went into another room an hid under some blankets. I made him some toast. He vomited it up. Good times. Maybe we should have chanted like this woman.


  • The best thing to do when faced with the type of situation you were in is to take your friend to a dim, quiet room to relax. Then if you’re wearing long sleeves, pull one arm inside your shirt, sweater, coat, or whatever it is you’re wearing and put your other hand inside the now empty sleeve, creating a sort of “loop” that gives the illusion of both arms still being in the sleeve. Next, tell your friend in a worried voice that now you aren’t feeling so hot either, and maybe those were alien bodies you ate. Then yell, “OH MY GOD!!! IT’S TRYING TO GET BACK OUT,” while furiously pumping your sleeves up and down with the hand inside your shirt moving up and down directly opposite the sleeves. This will create the illusion of an independant being trying to escape from your chest cavity. I tried it once on a friend who had taken a lot of LSD and it really, really freaked him out. Good times.

  • Holy shit, dude – I have tears coming from my eyes! hahaha!!!

  • dude

  • I remember that mushroom trip! You enjoyed yrself while I thought I was in hell! Hahaha! I really DID feel like I had just eaten alien bodies and I’m glad that you mentioned it. Let’s do it again sometime. You later said that my behaviour was “very gothic” if I can recall. First real hallucination I ever had. Ah! Memories!

  • Is this available anywhere?:

    CD Rerelease or is it a vinyl ‘lucky’ hunt?

    I have a Tibetan Shamanic Ritual recording, 5 Buddhist Ceremonies (2 of a 3 series from Celestial Harmonies (They seem to be 1 of the onlyquality releasing labels of field & ethinic recordings around, their 18 cd 20 part (or vica versa) Islamic Music recordings are well worth every penny. from North Africa to Malaysia to specific religious chants – sufism etc are stunning – music transends political chess.

    Would you be able to help in any way in obtaining a copy?

    If no, thanks for bringing this to my attenbtion, the seed is sown, it may be enough to stir me toward it 1 day :)


  • Unfortunately, Smithsonian only seems interested in reissuing sea chanties and woody guthrie, so you’re probably not likely to see a decent CD of this any time soon. I believe you can download much of the Folkways catalog online for a buck a song though.

  • I have a Folkways Records #FR 8975 LP of this. Haven’t found the jacket yet (still looking though). Record is in good to excellent condition.

  • did they ask you to take these clips down or what. im trying to get my syllabus right for this semester’s kung bushmen on psilocybin lecture

  • copy of this LP has the same cover, but in gold instead of blue! Anyone know the pressing info on these???

  • mine is actually gold too. Folkways would seemingly press two color variations simultaneously. I’ve had two versions of the same lp a couple times that appear to be from the same era.

  • Really in gold, or is it a MUSHROOM VISION???

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