50th Anniversary ov LSD / Tribute to Albert Hofmann

Y’all guys seem to be sleeping on sect-tech. Not ancient or even rare but indiscutably contains some fully-formed facemelts and, to me, a paradigm shift possibly towards facebelt and a new thing called Swiss heat. Plus, I’ll take any opportunity to cause you all Waxi-annoyance with my 90s techno records. Plus this is an Anniversary record, an interesting new field.

This one comes direct from my locked vault because you wouldn’t want 4 of the 7 cuts on this record getting into the wrong hands. Confrère Dr. Timothy Leary is wheeled out for one lesser track, while the track marked A.H. takes a recording of the spoken word of the molecular engineer behind the discovery of LSD and takes us somewhere evil-sounding and brainwashing with it. Home use of this record in conjunction with the actual chemical can completely wipe your inner hard drive, though good results can be achieved under supervision at small cost, while strapped to a bed with a biteguard in my…klinik.

This post also follows on in the current Waxi “stupid and tasteless” flava for records linked to the afflicted, as I was hipped to this record by another un-nerving individual with a drug habit and a 1000 yard stare, speaking a language of non-sequiturs. Oft to be joked in his presence by his associates was the quip “er, yeah man, he drops acid when he wants to come down“.

Because I can’t manage soundclips, you can hear a toe-tapping blend of this AH cut with a nasty Turkish woodwind record called “Instrumental Dervish Music” at the site http://dr.lloyd.free.fr/ mix6 part 1. Dervish post to follow.

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  • Dr Albert Hofmann would be a remarkable man even if he hadn’t discovered the chemical compound that changed the course of the 20th century: LSD. Hofmann’s chemical creations also include chemicals used every day in maternity and geriatric wards the world over.

    Shares the best gift you can give this Christmas – the gift of knowledge


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