Airborne – Songs For A City

You see this cover and it screams private psychedelic folk grail. Look at the naked man playing the guitar, sitting on top of the world and holding a dove. Beautiful. And that is exactly what this album is. However, it is not psychedelic folk. It does have a few CSNY moves, and even a really gentle acoustic folk song that would sit well with any psych-folk grail, but the best songs are the AOR/MOR/Soft-Rock jams. Excellent song-writing with an awesome singer whose voice I never get tired of.

Airborne hails from Vancouver, British Columbia. This their lone album, released on their own Ocean Records label (see label scan below) was released in 1977 in a pressing of 2,000 which almost sold out. They had a few hits and 45s play on local radio and recouped all their money. This is probably why unbid copies of this album appear on ebay, for when I first heard it I thought it would truly be desirable. Either that or people haven’t heard it yet.

Musically I just really love this record. I recommended it to a fellow waxidermist who felt it sounded like mediocre 70s rock. However, some of my “real world” friends have very much enjoyed it. This means that the real-world is better than waxidermy, a conclusion I never want to make again.

There is a whole Donn Tarris, The Wet!, Arrival, Airborne, Buttertree Sound Studio interconnection which I am going to save for my review of the Donn Tarris album, but they all worked together in the late 70s producing some fine music.

Without producing too much information that is already on the web, you can visit the Airborne Website for information on Band Member’s names, etc. I have spoken to both Donn Tarris and Dave Giddings and they are excellent people, who happily handed me a wealth of knowledge.

Listen: Airborne Clips

label scan


  • Ocean record label was actualy the label of the recording studio we used, Ocean Studio’s, which to this day is still active, in Vancouver. We made a deal with the owner of the studio for a reduced recording charge, allowing us both to acheive what we wanted. He designed the label.

  • Thank you for such wonderful words of support!

    Just a quick note to let you know that the Airborne album and my solo album “Party” are both being reissued through a label in South Korea by the end of September 2010.

    I was able to remaster the “Party” Album from the original master mix tape that was used to cut the vinyl version. It was good to revisit the full sound of the project.


  • Hello – I wonder if anyone will ever read this :)

    I’m a Progressive Rock lover and photographer of Prog Bands – go to my website.
    I bought the vinyl album “Songs for a City” simply because I loved the cover – so very Prog. I’m listening to it now – the third track “Old Man” is playing now as I type.

    Quite a wonderful album. Gentle, yet searching.

    Get in touch with me if you like


  • Love the song, “Someone like You”. The entire album is on Spotify. Cut and paste in browser if you enjoyed the songs.

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