Al Collie and the VIPS – The First of May

Al Collie and the VIPS was the houseband of “the IN spot in Nassau, the swinging Buccaneer Lounge at the Flagler Inn Hotel on beautiful Paradise Island.” The band played the typical mix of Calypso, almost-reggae and soul that features on so many private hand-out records from countless “In spots” on the Islands of the days.

This one is actually rather nice. One highlight is a mellow, exotic version of Here comes the sun and the playing by bassist Al Collie, his brother Ronnie Collie on drums, Gary Davis on guitar and Hubert Gibson is good throughout. The best track for us people nowadays is the stretched funk instrumental track Melting pot that ends side one. All four get to exhibit their goods in excellent solo’s. Good stuff. Vinyl sounds like it was made from the oil they fried their seafood in though.

Listen to: Melting Pot


  • Fantastic…I believe I have yet to hear a bad version of this song.

  • i’ve yet to hear a bad version of “yellow bird”

  • I’m lovin this track! Curious about the rest of the album..

  • “El primero de mayo” un tema fantástico!

  • big daddy kane sampled this for his rap another victory

  • my father and i am so very proud. he has accomplished so much.

  • i have this record autographed but i dont want it . i have to look for it and listen to it again


  • Nicole, indeed, our father has accomplished a great deal. I’m grateful that he continues to add to his list of accomplishments and stays focused on the music industry. His continuing efforts to support up and coming Bahamian musicians/artists can only have the effect of keeping the Bahamas and Caribbean a hot spot for culture, rythym and new sounds worldwide. I cannot wait for the opening of the new club on Goodman’s Bay in Nassau. As I said to daddy, this will be the feather in his cap. Now the world will have another way and place to appreciate the vast energy, soulful emotions, and unarticulated thoughts of a new generation of Bahamians and Island folks.

    Cheers to you, Daddy!

  • I am so happy to see how you have flourished over the years. I still have the album in my collection and I still enjoy it as much as I did when I first got it. My friend I wish you more success and blessings as we both grow older


  • Met Gary Davis in early 70’s at Flaglar Inn Hotel. Fell in love with him and the music. Spent every night of my vacation at the Buccaneer Lounge. Here Comes the Sun was my favorite song. Will never forger that summer. Thanks for the memories.

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