Alex Houston and Elmer – Nashville’s Best

I would hate to hear music city’s worst, scary looking dummy doing questionable material. Listen for the random “O.J.” reference ….. Elmer !


  • Hi,

    I am building a collection of DVDs from ventriloquists all over the world. You can see the 100 first pieces on my site.

    I would like to get Alex Houston and Elmer’s DVD or VHS. I usually pay international orders by PayPal. Can you tell me how I can order this DVD and how much I should pay for shipping to Belgium?
    I thank you for your reply.

    Frego (& Folio)
    c/o Jean-Luc GEOFFROY
    rue de Jehonville, 18
    B-6890 OCHAMPS

  • Elmer! My God, that’s my lil’a wooden boy!

  • do you realize who this is? this is the criminal who mind-controlled Cathy O’Brien in the MK-ULTRA program for her owner Senator Byrd!!! Really!

  • Warning: This guy is an alleged child abuser involved with Cathy O’brian and her daughter Kelly. He belongs behind bars!

  • Alex or Elmer?

  • You guys are CRAZY! This is my Uncle and he is the sweetest most wonderful person I know. You are SICK for spreading such HORRIBLE rumors.

    Get a life.

  • sorry to tell you Laura, but joseph smith is right. You must resd the book Trance Formed America, by Cathy Obrien, or just google it.

  • Excuse me , thats Trance-Formation of America

  • Hi Laura,

    Were you around Alex much? It seems you might be able to disprove or verify Cathy’s claims if you were around Alex during the timeframes Cathy mentions.


  • Hello Americans, I am glad some of you are on to this guy, and hopefully others. The book TRANS formation of America is a must read, this guy is a mind controller and drug runner, not to mention pedophile. Laura, no one is going to publish this stuff if it isn’t true, people get sued. To this date no one has challenged the claims in this book. I wonder why? Also, why has there been no action taken against these guys, answer – it pays to have friends in HIGH places.

  • Poor Cathy O’Brien was forced to perform fellatio as a baby! George Bush raped her when she was three! She was Gerald Ford’s personal child prostitute! It’s all true!

  • I’m an American now living in Germany. My neighbor felt I should know more about how my country does business. He lent me two books. I read them both. Surely, the US Government can and would/is and does do these very acts of evil. Cathy has lived her whole life being abused and now she’s learning that there is a number of growing supporters who, when they learn her story will love her. Not everyone is evil, don’t give up on humanity. So, this book is in Germany. If I know my neighbor pretty good he probably has told a lot of people about her already. Hilary Clinton is named in the book too. They’re all eee git! Hollywood too. All of it. Just plain nasty people. Boycott it and live naturally is probably some good old fashioned advice.

  • Liebe Sabrina,

    würdest Du Dich bitte mit mir in Verbindung setzen.

    Meine Email-Adresse:

  • You people are as crazy as the grazy person herself Cathy she was one big nut her and Mark Phillips belong behind bars not Alex houston.They both are crazy and need to be put away I knew her and George Bush would never have look at that trash twice and one else in there right mind. Alex has allways been a decent person with good morale values.

  • Unbelievable that people are so gullible.

    I know Alex, Cathy and Mark personally, and have for years. Alex is a good Christian man who got mixed up with a nutcase like Cathy, who has been brain washed by Mark, NOT Alex. And yes, I’ve read their books (sheerly for the laugh factor) and truly, really……do you people believe that???!!!

    I would be embarassed to admit I bought into that science fiction. I bet y’all believe in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny too, don’t you?

    You should be ashamed for listening to this shite, and smearing a good man like Alex’s name.

  • and Shez, what do you mean they wouldn’t publish the book if it weren’t true?? You REALLY are gullible, aren’t you?

    You should buy some stock in the National Enquirer, idiot.

  • Alex I have lost contact with you.I don’t have your e-mail address.I sure miss my best buddies.Contact me–

  • I hope these post are not refurring to Alex Houston!I have had the pleasure of knowing him for a number of years.Stayed at his home many times.Worked a few shows with him.I will tell you this..He is probable one of the nicest strait forward and honest persons I know.Not to mention a super talent and a gift to the industry…Gene Husky

  • Why don’t you skeptics try investigating the claims by Cathy O’Brien? She lists a plethera of names. Try to contact any one of them and ask about what she is claiming and you always get the same answer, “Access denied for reasons of National security.”,( Also the name of her second book.) followed by a click from them hanging up the phone. Who’s National security? Not mine or yours. I understand your bias. It’s not like he’s going to admit to the atrocities he has commited, but do the leg work and find out for yourself.

  • Houston, I wish you to burn in hell forever!

  • Im laughing at some of the posts. ‘he’s my uncle, he’s such a nice guy’ ‘i’ve known Alex and Cathy and Mark,…Mark brainwashed her’…LOL!!! The thing is, EVERYTHING was recorded!!!! Every single event. Some have had the privilege of being allowed to ‘view’ what happened, but it’s all a delicately TIMEd process. More and more people will become contacted by the real eye in the sky and in the blink of an eye they will be shown. The ‘pawns’ first, then some select few in power that are resistors of the Order. Then they will panic and set their plan in motion, nations will catch colds, much violence will break out, many will die, but too many will know, too many will have been shown ‘triggering’ everything they have been trying to suppress in you, then the real Order will start to ensue. The ‘pawns’ are now the ones sacrificing Knights and Bishops instead of the other way around. Suddenly the game changes, a new set of rules, besides the original game was nothing but a set of standards humans all got used to, nothing is REAL…YOU MAKE IT REAL. IF YOU DECIDE HEALTHY CHEMICAL FREE FOOD IS THE ONLY THING YOU WANT TO EAT, THEN MAKE IT SO. NO MATTER WHAT. IF YOU DECIDE YOU DON’T WANT TO HAVE A MONETARY SYSTEM THEN YOU DON’T. MONEY IS A PIECE OF PAPER. THE ONLY VALUE IT GIVES YOU IS BEING ABLE TO BUY THINGS. IMAGINE IF THE WORLD JUST CONTINUED, PEOPLE STILL WENT TO WORK TO MAKE THIS WORLD FUNCTION, BUT INSTEAD OF WORKING FOR MONEY YOU ARE WORKING FOR THE SAKE OF HELPING. BECAUSE THERE IS NO MONEY. IF YOU NEED SOMETHING, YOU GO INTO THE STORE AND GET IT LIKE YOU WOULD BEFORE. IF SOMEONE NEEDS SOMETHING FROM WHERE YOU WORK YOU PROVIDE THAT SERVICE KNOWING FULL WELL THAT YOU WILL GET THE EXACT SERVICE YOU NEED WHEN YOU GO OUT TOO. Nobody would be better than anyone else, nobody would have to live in poverty. If you build houses for a living then provide that service like you would now only knowing you are doing it for YOURSELF, not working for someone else, you are doing it happily because you are not getting underpaid for your hard work. You don’t have to work 12 hour days. And when you get off work and need groceries, you can walk into the grocery store and get your food off the shelf, take it up to the cashier but instead of ringing it thru to charge you, they just bag it up and out you go. And that’s how life is. You don’t need money the way you have it now. it is NOT necessary. It was only a means for the greedy people to have something others did not. Things have to go in order, but they are give or take a glitch and a tweak here and there. They will be exposed everyone, just WAIT.

  • The only thing that is important is that this and other stories get out for the people to read. People that were around that whole time don’t even believe it, not really. Argue about it, but do some legitimate research before you say it didn’t happen. This is not a precedent case here, there are others, scared to death and rightly so, but there are many others. Our bodies are changing, the frequency of the globe is changing, there are mysteries to the human mind and body that even they don’t know, and they know a lot. The energies and forces and other things happening with the Earth is starting to affect people, this is grass roots one with nature stuff that just happens when certain things line up, more people are awakened to what is really going on out there, with government, military, churches, banks, etc. Too many things are happening to too many in the spotlight people, too many ways to video now, most IS being caught on tape i believe in some capacity.Things will come to light, i believe that, and also that there is much that the elite etc have NO idea about. They do control things yes, some things, some people. Here. And they are the ones that are not even going to matter soon enough. There are other beings here absolutely and much is being shared with people here, the fight is on and it has started. For every person that see’s the light it’s one more body that can join in the kind of enegy we need POURING into the atmosphere around us. What comes out of us as energy -dark or light- truly does matter, and it does change the course of things,believe that.

  • You guys read too much science fiction. I knew Alex for years and I don’t believe a word of the above.

  • This is the biggest bunch of BS that I have ever hears. I know Alex personally, and he is a decent, christian man. Have you read this book? Cathy O’Brien is a NUT! According to her, she was abused by President Gerald Ford, President Bush, Hillary AND Bill Clinton, Lamar Alexander and the list goes on and on. She is a bitter ex wife of Alex Houston and she can’t stand it that he has done well for himself and has a lovely, decent wife, NOT a hag like she is.

  • Are you people retarded or what? Alex Houston, who I know personally, is the nicest,sincerest man that you would ever want to meet. He is a Christian who loves the Lord. Yes, he used to dabble in hypnosis, but gave that up long ago when he realized that is not of the Lord.

    Cathy O’Brien is a sick, bitter ex wife of his. She lies and if you even read an exerpt of her book, she blames everyone that you ever heard of, of abusing her. According to her, Bill and Hillary Clinton sexually abused her, she was Gerald Ford’s personal sex slave..(that one is hilarious), she was abused by Lamar Alexander, and only God knows how many country music entertainers she has accused! These people don’t give her the time of day, she is nothing but a big JOKE. She is a bitter ex wife of Alex Houston’s and she is obviously a sicko. ANYONE who knows Alex, knows that he is a gentl man of integrity that wouldn’t hurt a fly, much less a child or her. His only mistake was marrying the skag! Live and Learn!

  • What is wrong with you people? I know Alex personally, and he is one of the nicest people I know. I am shocked by the accusations of this nut case! He is sickened by her, but ignores her as she is sick herself.
    If you believe that this one nobody was Gerald Ford’s “sex slave” (that really cracks me up), sexually abused by Bill AND Hillary Clinton, Lamar Alexander and numerous country music stars, then perhaps YOU need to get a life. This crazy woman and her husband are making $$ by selling this crap to stupid people who believe everything they hear. And just like a previous poster said, go buy a National Enquirer and read how aliens abducted and impregnated your high school teacher.
    Cathy O’brien is a sick, bitter ex wife to Alex Houston that can’t stand it that he has done well for himself and has a beautiful Christian wife.

  • Just one look at this queer-looking mfer, and it isn’t hard to beLIEve he is a PEDO. He is a hypnotist/programmer also. I have studied this for 13 or so years and 2 victims have shown up in my life b/c, and ONLY b/c I recognized the MPD symptoms. There are literally MILLIONS of “sleepers” out there. Another male friend of mine was SRAed by P.E. Trudeau who is a Jesuit/Satanist. It’s wakey wakey time kiddies!

  • @Becky, if you are related to Pedo-boy Alex you could be mind controlled yourself. TBH, I could be also! This is the NATURE OF THE BEAST! I can’t relate 13 years of research to you in a few paragraphs, but I can say keep an open mind, and instead of going into denial, or getting angry, do some research. NOTHING IS WHAT IT SEEMS!

  • Kudos to Eye, and Watcher, you both understand the world as it is today, and you know some of the solutions. To Isaacs, and Husky. You are both blind, and cannot see what is going on right in front of your noses! Read the Secret Covenant. One of the first lines in it.”Those who will see it will be thought of as insane.” Sound familiar?????

  • eyeinthesky; hourglasswatcher this are names that sounds to me like NWO Debunkers.
    @Laura Housten are u missing some Time or some Memorys ??? This guy is Pure Evil. U just have to look in his Eyes.

  • I have to comment here; first anyone who walks around with a dummy raises some character questions in my book. And second, people make up crap about their exes like they suck in bed, too controlling, lack ambition, sleep too much, too lazy, need anger management etc. not the kind of obscenities Cathy O’Brien endured and managed to muster up the strength and courage to not only document but publish so others could draw some strength and courage themselves and not live in fear and continue to endure horrible unspeakable violations. In spite of the judgements she would receive from ignorant evil people she published some very private, humiliating and vulnerable experiences that deserve a little more respect and research from our embarrassing judicial system and US citizens alike. Rather than “get a life” I recommend at a minimum waking up and snapping out of the wage slavery most of you seem frighteningly comfortable living in.

  • I’ve read Tranceformation of America and also the Franklin Coverup and Franklin Scandal. I believe the victims, and John DeCamp. No one is going to say these horrible things if they aren’t true, and these books tie in together. And also, look at the clues. NO LAWSUITS. WHY? Like John DeCamp said, “I hope they do sue me, the truth will come out.” That’s why there haven’t been any law suits.

  • Other clues, the same names keep coming up from people who don’t know each other. If O’Brien and Phillips wrote the book to get money, how come they still don’t have any? A lot of people who started asking questions have ended up dead; ex: Gary Caradori, Kathleen Sorenson, Ted Gunderson, Troy Boner, others I can’t think of right now. I also believe Barbara Mandrell’s accident was caused because she started asking questions. Tim Russert brought up the words Bohemian Grove on national tv to Bush, Jr. in 2008, one week later, he was dead. Sounds very fishy to me. All the people who have been named are doing very well financially and career wise. People who have asked questions have faired very poorly.

  • I just finished reading Trance Formation of America. Alex Houston should not be walking this earth alive today. So many women and children have suffered at this man’s filthy hands. And just like Lt Col Michael Aquino he cannot be prosecuted for Reasons of National Security

  • alex houston is a criminal rapist and a child pornographer who needs to be hung by his balls over a lake of fire.

  • He has also been implicated and accused of abusing boys at Boy’s Town in the Franklyn Cover Up. Why would 2 victims accuse him of abuse if there were not at least a grain of truth to it. Read Trance Formation of America by Cathy Brian, buy a copy to keep it in print.

  • Yes, this is the same Alex “dirt bag” Houston who raped innocent little boys at Boys Town USA. This is the Catholic run orphanage for child trafficking. Houston tormented his sex slave Cathy O’Brien and her daughter. He told them that they were programmed to die when they were all used up by their handlers. Well, Alex old boy…I have news for you : And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment: Heb 9:27

  • Besides the book “Trance Formation of America”, has anyone done “actual” research on this guy? According to this book photos of his “marriage to Cathy” were in Hustler in 1981. Where’s the proof?

  • This man is a horrible person who abuses and kills many women and children. You can try to confuse people and claim it never happened, but the truth will always come to surface and the fact of the matter is they are MANY SICK AND TWISTED INDIVIDUALS THAT RUN THIS COUNTRY, THE ENTERTAINMENT AND THE MEDIA AND THEY ARE CORRUPT, DRUG SMUGGLING, SEX SLAVERY ENFORCING MIND CONTROLLERS

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  • Hear youtube recording of Alex Houston and his dummy, Elmer, in Nashville ventriloquist act at: We all need to research MKULTRA and the perpetrators of these atrocities. In light of our government’s criminal abuse and torture of children, we need to attend to all the unattended children at the southwest border who fell into the “custody” of our our government’s Department of Homeland Security. SEE: Unaccompanied Children Homeland Security
    George Herbert Walker Bush, according to Cathy O’Brien, criminally ran our country through three presidencies. Start with her video which gives the best explanation: Cathy O’Brien Full Version on the Trance Formation of America was prepared as her sworn testimony with thousands of pieces of evidence (I think it was 27,000) for presentation to the U.S. Intelligence Oversight Committee, which was eventually denied access “for reasons of national security.” SEE Princeton article that CIA Director Richard Helms ordered all Project MKULTRA files destroyed 1973 We all need to research the unfathomably criminal CIA Project MK-Ultra. Full Version. Full Truth. No more Lies. The NWO must not happen. It will end humanity, love and earth. Research CIA Operation Paperclip, Project Monarch, Arthichoke, and others. BIPARTISAN perverted CRIMINALS have allegedly been running our government who targeted sexually abused babies and children in the kiddie porn industry and BOUGHT them in exchange for immunity from prosecution, then used WWII Nazi doctors such as Josef Mengele’s trauma-based mind-control techniques to program children as sex slaves for WHITE HOUSE & PENTAGON masochists and pedophiles, using them for satanic ritual and sexual abuse: CAGED, TORTURED, SHOCKED, sexual perversions with no party lines. Wickedness in high places, allegedly involved even JFK, and Ronald Reagan, besides the Michigan Mafia, unelected president Gerald Ford, Michigan Gov. George Romney, George Herbert Walker Bush, Dick Cheney, Henry Kissinger, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Senator Robert Byrd (owner of child sex slave Cathy O’Brien) who allegedly prostituted her out to to government officials and politicians, celebrity entertainers and government pedophiles of other governments. BOB HOPE is the alleged owner of child sex slave Brice Taylor, but please wait to read Brice’s book, “Thanks for the Memories,” until you hear Cathy O’Brien speak, because she is wise, kind, intelligent, and the most articulate spokesperson for the countless children exploited, tortured, humiliated and abused as slaves. Do see all the thumbnail photos of politicians, celebrities, and young and talented child victims on the cover of Brice Taylor’s book exposing Bob Hope: “Thanks for the Memories.”

  • I am just watching this Joutube Video now. TBH, I have read some disparaging info about Philips from other victims of MK he has ripped off. He is a chain-smoker who packs a gun where ever he goes. That in itself doesn’t mean much to me b/c of his precarious situation as an insider who is spilling the beans, but just keep an open/discerning mind. I believe what happened to Cathy to be true b/c I knew 2 victims personally and the side-effects of MPD are VERY UGLY. I lived with a female victim for 3 HORRID weeks, and I would not wish this experience on anyone. ALL of the ‘celebs’, and many sports ‘heroes’ like OJ, Mike Tyson, Tiger Woods, Dennis Rodman, Michael Jordan, etc are MK’d. That very ‘successful’ coach Phil Jackson is a PROGRAMMER apparently. Not surprising to me at all.

  • Alex Houston is a pedophille , a rapist and a child abuser. He will end up in Hell when he dies , so stay away from him or you follow him too.

  • For those looking into Alex being a great guy, please see “Uni-Phayse, Inc.” and how he resigned as director in 1988. See “Advantage Magazine” from Dec. 1987 titled “The power of saving energy”. Cathy and Marks claims are verifiable to a certain level. What is missing is why you can’t find much on Alex? Like, why no real work history, utilitie bills, public records etc? How does an entertainer not sue someone for defimation when claims like these would clearly cause money loss for him as an entertainer? Why no facebook, wiki, page? Very limited Linkin? No one can be vanished today for public records unless you have help

  • Good Luck, thank YOU for being the rational, open minded, intelligent
    and thoughtful poster that you are.

  • Notice all these pedos (alex Houston, kris Kristopherson, boxcar willie. Etc..) have one thing in common. They’re all connected to the military and have served in the army, Air Force or navy. They’re all C.I.A, as is the people defending them in the comments section here.

  • Alex Houston, “big”Dick Cheney, Dante, almost everyone who benefited from the Bush Administration and everyone in-between, including the Vatican are guilty of these crimes against mankind. It is scary that people defend this sadistic powerhouse.

  • How old is him ? What is his birthdate ?

  • almost done reading O’Brien’s second book. Very much inclined to think it’s all true. Phillips provides solid documentation of Houston’s role at Uni-Phase. How and why is this ‘country ventriliquist’ in a leadership position with a US intel agent (Phillips) heading a company that makes computer chip technology??

    Way too much solid and circumstantial evidence. First off, if you know the history of Operation Paperclip, then you know of the nazi origins of the highest powers in the US government. It is *to be expected* that they would be every bit as sick and twisted as the nazis they hired and adore.

    Why would O’Brien pick Jerry Reed’s daughter, of all people, to write about? How does her ex husband/handler go from Hawaii to being a country music session player in Goodlettsville (which seems to be a hotbed of CIA/Nashville folks)? Why did Reed’s daughter take a long break (sort of corroborating what O’Brien says)?

    Houston is the tip of the iceberg representing the CIA creation and usage of darn near everything presented to Americans as ‘entertainment’.

  • So after the farce that was our presidential election, my besty & I were discussing the face of true evil. After offering to SHOW her the face of true evil, I ran across this little gem.

    Hello, my name is Kelly O’Brien, the daughter of Cathy O’Brien & Mark Phillips. As the norm for whistleblowers is to be questioned, harassed, slandered, & have their sanity questioned, I figured i’d volunteer some information from a firsthand perspective about Alex Houston.

    When I was a very little girl, we would spend months living in a motorhome while Alex was touring with the country music industry. Just for idle amusement, Alex got his kicks by putting a hot clothes iron on my inner elbows. Most of my dresses had sleeves, so who could see the evidence of abuse? My Mom was not allowed to usually eat more than a half of a grapefruit per day, &, as a result, had to have several feet of her intestines removed because they had decayed from lack of use. When we weren’t on tour, we resided on a 150 acrre farm in Goodlettsville, TN with a menagerie of animals. Seeing how much I loved the critters, Alex smashed my dogs head in with a golf club in front of me and laughed in my face. She survived, but was never mentally functional again.

    This is only 3 examples of 6yrs worth of horrific abuse at the hands of this man. He is the personification of evil incarnate. I know how difficult my Moms books are to swallow – even if you can accept it’s at least feasible, it’s still difficult to grasp that a human is capable of such acts. I absolutely support everyone having their own opinions! Freedom of thought is a very big deal to me & I frown on trolling others because they voiced their opinions.

    My Mom & I survived, but we will wear the scars of our years with this scum for the rest of our lives. The only reason we pulled through the trials following Mark rescuing us is because we LIVE LOVE. Share that love unconditionally to everyone you can & maybe atrocities like burning a 6yr old child with hot irons will be a dark moment in humanitys past.

    You can start here =D

  • Kelly O’Brien, is that post from Cathy’s daughter? I didn’t understand the first paragraph. I’m AMAZED that a person can heal from what these hav me been through. I’m in process of reading both books and am amazed. But the overarching theme of Love and living from within is the true and complete awakening. There is SO much to that wisdom. Thank you for that, O’Brien ladies/heroes. Much love.

  • Hysterical how someone said Cathy was jealous of his success?! He is devoid of talent and his only talent is corruption.
    Anyone and I mean anyone, who has read Trance formation of America will see beyond any doubt, she is telling the truth.
    Anyone who listens to Mark or Cathy speak about the abuse knows in their gut they are telling the truth.
    You don’t always know when someone is lying, but you can know with certainty, she is telling the truth.
    I have worked with victims of abuse (4 years counselling training in humanistic, psychodynamic and cognitive behavioural approaches/additional diplomas in bereavement counselling, pregnancy loss and rape/sexual abuse specialisms) and it’s my opinion, they are absolutely telling the truth.
    Why, what possible motive is worth telling the world such demeaning things about yourself, if it were not the truth. Cathy also permitted a filmed examination, I’ve SEEN IT!! that shows her mutilated, scarred vagina, with an evil face carved into it. She couldn’t have done that to herself. No money, prize, fame or reward could be worth that.
    If they were not telling the truth, they would have been locked up by now. All the names, dates and detail which has consistently been repeated numerous times without ever conflicting.
    The only reason they haven’t been taken out, is the government does not want to confirm they even have a need to do so. Because that would add weight and validate their claims.
    The most compelling evidence is Cathy’s daughter. Her campaign and fight to get her treatment for PTSD and multiple personality reprogramming. Well, why would she need to??? If she weren’t telling the truth?
    The leaders of the world are virtually all corrupt and involved in satanic ritual. If you do your own research, and step back far enough, all the links and evidence is there. These vilest of excuses for human beings, who have hijacked Hitler’s psycho scientists out of paranoia and their own perverted tendencies, have gone beyond the bounds of evil. They will pay for what they have done.
    And they all know, Cathy and Mark are telling the truth. Much of the informed public know it too. You have been named and shamed, with photographic, written, circumstantial, scientific evidence and multiple testimonies that corroborate, Mark and Cathy are telling the truth.
    Shame on you. A beautiful country, a beautiful body of people are the American people. And people like paedo Alex Houston, Wayne Cox, Michael Aquino, Reagan, the vile Clinton and Bush clan and all of you who Mark and Cathy named and shamed, pissed all over the American people and it’s constitution. They deeply, deeply let down innocent children.
    Like I said, do your own research. Never, swallow whole, what anyone tells you or writes. Investigate, evaluate and make your own conclusions. As incredible and vile as the evidence is, it leads to only one conclusion. Mark and Cathy are absolutely, without any doubt in my mind, telling the truth.

  • There are two possibilities.

    1. Cathy O’Brien is a liar.

    2. Cathy O’Brien is telling the truth.

    I don’t know which of the two is the correct answer.
    But I know this.
    If you deny the existence of government sponsored ritual abuse and
    the subsequent creation of zombie sex slaves, drug mules and pre-
    pubescent ‘gator bait,’ then Cathy O’Brien has created a world far more
    detailed, far more nuanced and infinitely more harrowing than anything
    Robert Ludlum could have possibly imagined. She has either the breath-
    taking courage or the heartless, unmitigated audacity to call out, by name,
    the most powerful men and women IN THE WORLD as baby killing, flesh
    eating, rancid Lucifarian scum.

    So, those choices again:

    1. Cathy O’Brien is a creative genius but a fraud.

    2. Cathy O’Brien is telling a truth so ugly, so painful and so thoroughly
    drenched in the blood of innocent women and children that accepting
    it as anything other than a nightmarish delusion requires a leap only a
    small army will be able to make.

    Boldly they rode and well
    into the mouth of Hell

  • He’s a pervert, a rapist and pedophile. Hell awaits.

  • I have always thought a lot of Alex Houston. When I was a little girl my family and I stayed at his house. I definitely don’t believe he molested anyone.. I think his ex wife is crazy… my family and I will always think of Alex with fond memories!!! Don’t believe everything you read!!!

  • The corrupted power. This guy heartless, no human being should be kept on jail with the most perverts criminals. Any property and money he got through all those years of horror should be given to the victims of his abuses.

  • They got sloppy. That’s why so many of us know about it now. The cup has cracks in it now, and I believe the cup is going to crack wide open. Then I hope satan shoves pitchforks up all their asses and leaves them there for eternity, especially tricky dicky chaney. He doesn’t deserve to have his name capped. Even if we don’t stop them, eventually their karma is going to stop them, and they are going to pay, and they are going to pay dearly. It’s out there ready and waiting for them. Tell them “enjoy”.

  • not hard to find Cathy’s sister on FB: m a d n a v oj illek (spaces added just to protect her from google a bit). Father of her kids is a ex-con, she seems to embody the types of qualities Cathy describes. Cathy isn’t mentioned in any of the sister’s pics. The only online linkage is in the mother’s obituary. *Everything* Cathy says and describes about the types of people that get involved in that evil world seems to check out…

  • The therapists have said these people are coming out of the woodwork. People who have been ritually abused, and we don’t have any idea how to treat them. They all have the same story to tell. To Kelly Obrien: If you haven’t already, please contact Dr. Phil. He can get you treatment for your PTSD.

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