Andy Pratt – Records Are Like Life

Brian Cullman recommended this artist to me as someone that he remembered being great. He said that the record to get was his 1973 self-titled Columbia lp. After looking him up online, I found that he is now active as a rock musician again after many years as a Christian artist. His website has all of his music available for perusal, including “Records Are Like Life”, the title track of this album on Polydor. It was his first and it’s a good one to start with when listening to Andy Pratt. The whole title concept was so waxidermic in nature that when I read these abstractly poetic lyrics it sealed the deal…

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  • Hey there –
    I was very happy to see this post! This record and the 1973 LP are great, strange, and wonderfully disturbing records.
    Andy Pratt is indeed performing and recording these days. I know this since I am his drummer in Chicago when he comes to town. So if you like this track, you might like to know that he has 2 Chicago shows scheduled THIS MONTH:
    July 27 at 6pm at Reckless Records on Milwaukee Ave. AND
    July 28 at Schubas opening up for Baby Teeth.
    Be there.
    Glad to see some Prattage on Waxidermy!


  • Hey GG,

    That’s rad! i’m a drummer too…Bill Schlosser is a monster on these early lps, huh? Good to hear that Andy is playing again. Get him to come down here to Austin…I missed him at SXSW. Schubas is a cool venue…I played there in 2003 with a indie band I was with at the time called The Red Thread. We spent the night nearby there off Milwaukee St. Being from St. Louis, I was psyched to get some sliders at the White Castle around the corner!

  • Steven,
    Damn straight that Mr. Bill Schlosser is indeed a monster on those records! A monster with taste, timing, ferocity, wit, and “smoothness” when needed. I had to email Bill when Pratt and I started playing and tell him how great it was attempting to play his drum parts. He liked that. Pratt was just in Austin playing solo – sorry you missed him. I’ll let Pratt know that there is still love in Austin for him, even when it’s not SXSW time.

  • FAB!

    ………. r u a cozy crocodile ? ? ?

  • Thanks people for the kind words. It’s not Bill Schlosser, it’s Rick Shlosser. Geoff, see you soon

    fun, fun, fun

    Andy Pratt

  • Hello again

    If anyone is interested there is more Andy Pratt stuff available at myspace/andyprattrocks and itsaboutmusic/andypratt

    Rock and Roll will never die


  • Cool record, thanks Waxi & Mr Pratt. FYI Mr Shadow used a little bit of the title track on one of his mixes (not in song, just a mix).

  • I always thought the title song was a genius track, especially for a record collector to stumble onto way back then. The ending chant of the previously quoted line/link is brilliant in headphones hearing it swirl around you
    I Always thought Avenging Annie was the most unlikely of semi-hit singles ever! Glad to hear he’s back on the boards.

  • Hey Everybody

    I’m in Paradies Miami recording a killer album with Fernando Perdomo. Check it out please as it appears at you

    happiness, health and prosperity to all

    Andy Pratt

  • I just discovered this album and it’s absolutely brilliant. Why is there so little information on it and no lyrics? I just ordered the record so I’m hoping there are lyrics included. I love them.

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