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Anenzephalia – Lyse

First I’ll start off with a disclaimer: I borrowed this record from my girlfriend who used to be a big industrial fan. I am really not that knowledgable on industrial stuff at all, hell I don’t really like it even, but this one seemed too weird not to be shared. Thanks to her for the info on this record.

Anenzephalia is a German industrial project led by Michael Keck aka Brigant Moloch aka Michael Rief. Confusing, I know. Started in around 1989 in Ludwigshafen/Rhein. This 7″ EP was his first release & is on the Tesco label out of Gorxheimertal (gotta love German place names!). This record features a pretty inventive cover where the 7″ is housed within a sleeve made from a death certificate which is then stuck to a 12″ piece of card covered in photocopied paper. This gives a 4 song 45rpm 7″ that can be easily placed with the rest of your left wing, early 90s industrial LP collection. Prima!

Adding to the individuality of these releases, most of the 379 pressings of the record included one of a variety of surplus surgical instruments lifted from Klinikum Luwigshafen by Moloch’s then girlfriend, who is a nurse. Along with the surgical instruments, every death certificate is filled out differently (names, cause of death etc.). This makes almost every one of the 379 pressed unique.
The music is pretty minimalist industrial & was influenced by bands such as SPK (Sozialistisches Patienten Kollektiv), NON & Throbbing Gristle. Anenzephalia was a contemporary band with Genocide Organ & the two outfits performed together occaisionally & also interchanged members. The music was created on two Korg synthesizers purchased by the same girlfriend that lifted the surgical instruments & death certs. Pretty generous I’d say, but she is credited as a member of the project as Frl. Von Blumen Und Dreiecken (Miss Flowers & Triangles).

The four tracks are called ‘Infarkt’, ‘Mechanical Rape’, ‘Mindcancer’ & ‘Induratio Penis Plastica’.

This is record is hand numbered 292/379. The death certificate is for a person called Annette-Friedericke Rief from Leverkusen who died from a gunshot wound after being caught cheating (In Flagranti) by M. Keck & is signed of by Moloch. Charming.

Anenzephalia – Induratio Penis Plastica.mp3


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