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Arian Calandra

Charmingly disjointed Uni-Bomber looking dude who had me from the very first listen. Half the tracks have vocals and should appeal to anyone with a soft spot for oddball sincerity. There is an off-kilter feeling that, combined with his sunny themes, I just find super pleasant and refreshing. The rest is instrumental guitar improvisations which is nice as the mix of styles keeps either from getting too monotonous. I will refrain from over-hyping it as the OMG SAVE YOUR EUROS PRIVATE EARLY 80’s MONSTER OF THE WEEK, but I keep coming back to this one and have gotten positive reactions from the handful of people I’ve played it for.

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  • enfant horrifique

    I really enjoy this record as well and have a copy filed. There is an earnestness here that combined with a mellow, pleasant vibe makes for a rewarding listening experience.

    This is the kind of LP I always hope to find when I go digging through Goodwill bins.

  • ted kaczynski = mathematics

  • I absolutely ride.

  • I just listened to this the other week for the first time in a few months and it definitely lived up to the initial WOW factor.

    There is something very subtle in the recording, presentation, and structure. A very unassuming record. Great stuff!

    You hipped me to this a while back, crink. Thanks!


    Aaron Levin
    Weird Canada / Cantor Records
    http://www.weirdcanada.com / http://www.cantorrecords.com

  • i was just listening to a 1972 Tom Rush concert on Wolfgang’s Vault and then i checked this out. they work well together…thanks Jefe. doubt i’ll see this in Texas. btw, Calandra looks a lot like AP’s older brother…

  • Great stuff- kinda reminds me of Virgin Insanity, or what I wish that record sounded like.

  • Bought this great homemade LP sealed a year ago. The seller described as “maybe an acidfolk monster”. I think it’s got just the right moves for an 80’s LP. Real people.
    Reminds me of the danish: Big Brown bear: Way out hotel, Live from the living room. From 1981.

  • Knud Sandbæk Nielsen

    @ Aron
    I played on that one B)
    And for the last couple of months I’ve caught myself humming some of the songs in my head.
    Unfortunately, I don’t have the record, or a record player for that matter.

    They have a copy in Aarhus library…
    Sadly, Michael died years ago.
    But his music is quite resilient ;)

  • oh the humanity. Another AMAZING track to listen from Waxidermy. Yet HOW, oh How to I get a copy for myself? I love it. My searches are proving futile…but I don’t know where to look. I LOVE this song! (maybe not $100 for the album love it) but really love listening to it!

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