Author – aschrock

Carl Erdmann – Bizzarrophytes

The one-liner entry for Erdmann in Acid Archives is short but accurate: “Excellent later day hippie gets lost in eastern Acid Symphony trip. Instro guitars, sitar, kalimba, tabla, percussion, sax, even some flute.” EVEN! SOME! FLUTE! What we have is here a southwestern US getting his white man introspection on with sitar and guitar, espousing […]

Charles Moffett Family – Vol. 1 (Codaryl)

Charles Moffett got his chops in the 60s and 70s playing percussion on such ridiculously good and ambitious albums as “Four for Trane”, Coleman’s “Town Hall 1962”, and Prince Lawsha’s “Firebirds vol. 1”. Yet, for all his work as a sideman, he didn’t lead much: during these decades his only credits were one LP for […]

Musiques De L’O.N.F. – Music of the N.F.B.

What makes this double-LP from 1977 special is it perhaps the earliest appearance of backing tracks to many of the avant-garde films in Canada. They were composed and sequenced (if you can call it that)using the earliest synthesizers and/or tape manipulation techniques. The compositions date from 1951 (!) – 1972, early in the game indeed. […]