Author – canonical

Dogs of War – S/T

Dogs of War bring the Quebecois electro-disco on the space-tip. With songs like ‘Spaciula’, ‘Future Jungle’, ‘Intergalactic Tactic’, ‘Love Pirate’ (?), and ‘Space Conqueror’ it’s a wonder I’m not beating arcade games and getting recruited by aliens to fight space battles everytime I listen to this. Not only are the song titles spacey, but so […]

Kobza – S/T

Unfortunately waxidermy lacks the right character set so the title is obviously wrong. This is a Canadian pressing of a Ukranian folk/psych album, however all the information is written in Ukranian so there’s not much I can say. I’ll simply quote a recent ebay description: “GREAT MAGIC SOUND RECORD!!!!!!” The music is all over the […]

Bobby Brown – Live

I originally bought this to trade/sell but it eventually grew on me after playing it during a late-night discussion with a special lady. Bobby Brown is a multi-instrumentalist and the ultimate in DIY. This album, whilst saying “Live” on the front, was actually recorded in his van to an audience consisting soley of his dog. […]