Author – Caterwauling

Appliances – EP

Oh how I yearn for a DJ night open minded enough to allow me to play this “out”. The sticker on the shrinkwrap declaring “Punk Funk Rap” sounds like a musical miscarriage of Ozzfest side-stage proportions, but upon dropping the needle on side 1 it becomes rapidly clear the actual musical content of the record […]

Al Washi: Epitaph for an Ego

Some people might already be familiar with this from my previous discussions of it, but there are still heads to be turned and this album is rather ripe for Waxidermic attention. This record cloaks itself in a thick smoke of mystery: no record label or date and it is even kind of unclear who the […]

Lifetones – For A Reason

1983 solo outing from Charles Bullen, the former guitar player of the always-relevant experimental rock outfit This Heat on his own private Tone of Life imprint, of which this is the sole release. Like other British post-punk contemporaries (Slits, Pop Group, et. all) Bullen immerses himself deep in zoned dub territory on much of this […]

Units – Digital Stimulation

Duel male/female vocal and synth attack backed by some angular drumwork with the seed of Kraftwerk sewn so deep that it barely even manifests itself. Released in San Francisco circa 1980, this album is a much rawer and down to earth precursor to often painfully overproduced and empty genre of “synth-rock” that would dominate in […]

Mofungo – Out of Line

Part of the often overlooked (and borderline oxymoronical) “second wave” of the New York No-Wave scene (which birthed bands like Sonic Youth and Swans), Monfungo certainly fits in line with many of the pioneers of the movement, though a little more polished (comparatively) with more attention given to song structure. Skronky, danceable, and full of […]

Elizabeth Cotten: Folksongs and Instrumentals with Guitar

This will make you toss out your yawnfest Folkways LPs of bug sounds and jugbands or whatever and force you to rethink your intentions as a record collector. Miss Cotten is the real Folkways deal and this is probably one of the best records they ever put out (up there with the Anthologies of American […]