Author – chicken-n-waffles

Peaceful Solutions – S/T

Peaceful Solutions are Nashville, Tennessee musicians Kirby Shelstad and Richard Allen. Since making his first bamboo fishing pole back in 1972, Allen has created and sold thousands of handmade instruments. In fact, all the wind instruments used on this album were made by him…the shakuhachi (an ancient Japanese flute), transverse flute, bamboo sax, and bamboos […]

Vision Of Sunshine – S/T

I was lucky enough to stumble upon this little gem a few years ago while digging through box upon box of lp’s at a now defunct local flea market. I remember falling instantly in love with the cover art and I couldn’t wait to get the thing home! I had all these expectations…and let me […]

Al Huskey – In Tennessee

Al Huskey was born in east Tennessee and learned to play guitar and mandolin by 13. He organized a 14 piece teenage band and played thru-out Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia and North Carolina. The back of the records suggests that this band probably had the first full set of drums used in country music. I’m not […]

The Knieriem Sisters – I’ve Never Loved Him Better Than Today

I found this little gem in a Salvation Army in South Central PA. Obviously, I was attracted to the cover, but The Knieriem Sisters turned out to be a pretty amazing duo. Their single, ‘I’ve Never Loved Him Better Than Today’ is by far the best song on the album. Definitely worth the .49 cents […]