Author – douglas

Stephen Rose / Rolled Away

I don’t have a ton to say about this record, but I wanted to share my favorite track — Plant Your Seed.

Chris Campbell – Meetings With Remarkable Alloys

This 1987 cassette / CD release appears at a glance to be some sort of world fusion atrocity, but the Gurdjieff reference in the title turns out to be a very good thing indeed. It’s a consistently intense album with far more melody and direction than most bowl recordings, which are always pretty to listen […]

El Rodeo / USC 1970-71 Audio Yearbook

Here’s a cool record. Side one consists of an audio collage covering a year in the life at the University of Southern California. Some of it is predictable — marching bands, football games, stuff like that. But then you’ve got clashes between student protesters and administrators, a glee club type song (“we will have these […]

Ron McFarlin / self-titled 3rd LP

Any discussion of Hollywood-based country rocker Ron McFarlin by a snotty record collector like myself will get around to Kenneth Higney comparisons pretty quickly. Same burnt, boozy sound; same peculiar sense of rhythm; similar downer lyrics that don’t always make sense; hell, they even look alike. Well, there’s only one Higney, but I like Ron […]

Patrick Haggerty and Eve / Lavender Country

Described somewhere on the internet as “the first gay album,” which is of course nonsense (this was 1973), this is nonetheless a milestone and beat Peter Gruzden’s The Unicorn for the title of first topically gay private press country LP by three years. And when I say it’s gay I mean explictly queer and proud […]

Inside SINA, the Society for Indecency to Naked Animals

This is easily the funniest and most inventive non-standup comedy LP I’ve ever heard. It’s a one-joke record, but what a joke and what a execution. It never gets old. The basic idea is that all animals ought to wear clothes, because “we’re all peeping toms of a sort” and no one should have to […]

Norman Ezell / Resurrection Day

Easily one of the greatest record covers of all time, making use of a painting called ‘Rapture’ by Charles Anderson. I also found a different shitty gospel record using the full, uncropped artwork on the cover. Just off to the left of the picture you see here? A 747 smashing into a skyscraper.

The Slits / American Radio Interview

The Slits’ brief catalog is full of oddities bookmarked by two full-length LPs, their acknowledged dub/punk classic Cut and the misunderstood and very underrated Return of the Giant Slits. (If you have not yet done so, get these albums now.) This 1981 7″ came packaged with the (Europe only?) Return LP, and it’s a perverse […]

J.G. Weir / Exploration One

This is a one-sided guitar drone record from Orange County, 1998. I picked it up from a dollar bin because it was limited to 250 copies and I thought “what the hey.” Listening to this excellent slice of reverb zen, which I can only liken to a redux of Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music one […]

Paul Ott / A Message to Mankind

“Paul Ott Carruth has captured the sheer music of nature in a blend of song and sound with the simplicity of a single guitar, a soft voice and natural sounds heard only in the great outdoors.” (liner notes, A Message to Mankind, circa 1972) “To thousands of wildlife conservationists in all fifty states, the name […]

The Hellers / Creative Freakout

The best thing about this record is the packaging. I don’t just mean its physical packaging, a 10″ record in a paper sleeve that fits into a larger cardboard folder, but its trappings as a collectable record. Promotional only industrial item? Command Records “psych” connection? Wiggy weird 60s spoken word pop culture kitsch? Strangely good […]

Bobb Trimble / Iron Curtain Innocence

If you were in punked out Wormtown (aka Worcester, MA) in the early 80s you might have known Bobb Trimble as the out of touch Monkees / Cheap Trick / Elvis Costello / and BEATLES fan who also enjoyed the Three Stooges and The Wizard of Oz, who made strange, haunted music that had almost […]

Starfire / Starfire

I found an original copy of this rare prog rock item in a Los Angeles thrift shop. It was thrashed but I could tell it was rare so I said what the hey and bought it. Later I got $150 for it despite its G/VG condition. You can tell a lot about a record collector, […]