Author – DrXparaMental

GRAVELPIT: SnowGlobe – Rockadelic RRLP36, 1999

This record certainly affirms the boundless parameters of the Rockadelic Records label and it’s “open to all those worthy” release philosophy. The group GRAVELPIT were a very talented group whose single Rockadelic album release seems to project equally in lyric and song, an ample dealing of post damage recovery vibes. In short, victory despite it’s […]

Euclid: Heavy Equipment 1970, Amsterdam (Flying Dutchman Subsidiary)

Euclid’s one and only album is among the very best of it’s type, which is most certainly Heavy Rock at it’s best. The musicians themselves were of an excellent caliber & very experienced, coming from a diverse New England Garage & Psych Rock background. Groups from which they haled prior included the noteworthy Psych tinged […]

Think – Variety

This album makes for great and somewhat sophisticated psychedelic nutrition for those hungry heavy heads with a predisposed preference for multi-colored musical edification. Don’t get the wrong idea though, this is NOT just some over rated, useless & busy cerebral background filler of an album. Neither is it one of those that has every possible […]

Orang-Utan: (same) 1970, Bell Records

The group Orang-Utan consisted of an amalgamation of talent. The best musicians from several other notable dissolving bands, that had been playing in the North of London in the late 60s, were to be the contributors in combination. The story behind this group is just as interesting as the music they played itself. This group […]