Author – eleelandc

Tough Times: Times It Up (A Multiplication Rap)

Straight from the halls of Thomas A Edison Middle School in Brighton MA comes the mathematical beatbox  wizardry of Danny Taylor, Brian Smith, Jack Accime and Kenny Gulfield! Yes, these are Tough Times and it is time to Times It Up! Brian, you know your eights? [Audio clip: view full post to listen]

The Spies: My Radio/Bad Girl

I really like this single and a lot of the usual punk discography type sites don’t speak too highly of it. In the Henry Weld discography of Texas punk, the reviewers wrote a sort of one thumb up one thumb down: “Mystery record, quite good.[DR]” Another source says “mediocre would be the kindest description”. No […]

R.A.P. Donovan Jr. & J.Kevin Fulton: Too Fine Villains

This one has really grown on me. From the Edgartown Massachusetts address of the label and publishing company I would say that it is a safe bet that this was recorded on Martha’s Vineyard. It has all of the heartfelt singer folk writer intentions that an image of 1972 island living conjures. As the liner […]