Author – goatboy

Gertrude Behanna – God Isn’t Dead!

Here is the “highly personal story” of Mrs. Gertrude Behanna, a story of alcohol, drug addiction, three broken marriages and attempted suicide. Just look at Gertrude, doesn’t she exude the aura of misbehavior and a youth gone wild?! But who am I to know. Maybe God healed her visage of all that was ugly and […]

Julie Budd – Child of Plenty

This one might already be known to many people on here but it wasn’t known to me.  Another blind buy (based on seeing there was a cover of “People Are Strange” and the totally cool photo of Julie on the back) and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised.  The cover of People […]

The 44th Street Portable Flower Factory – S/T

Picked this one up based on the fact that I noticed Bob Dorough was the vocalist and Steve Swallow arranged, produced, and played bass and keyboards on this. The Peter Max styled cover was another draw. A fairly strong 45 EP of covers including: Let’s Get Together, Atlantis, Runaway Child, and Blackbird. I’ve always been […]

S. E. Rogie – Palm Wine Guitar Music

The sweet, old West African tradition of palm wine guitar has few great players left. Palm wine music dates back to the days when Portuguese sailors first introduced guitars to West African port cities. Early African guitarists and bottle percussionists played at gatherings where revelers drank the fermented sap of palm trees, a traditional alternative […]