Author – Azrael Abyss

God Is For Real, Man

It’s taken me a good couple years to fully digest this lp, but I think I can now say with some degree of certainty that this is hands down one of the heaviest “non-music” lp’s I’ve heard. I mean, how could a 60’s record of ghetto kids interpreting the bible in jive talk be anything […]

Lew Jones: Rain on the Marshlands

Lew is definitely one of the better random SSW dudes I’ve cluelessly picked up in the last few years. Good voice, good songs, good outfit on the cover… and some of more melancholy moments here almost remind me of a sort of budget Nick Drake. In fact, if the entire lp sounded more like the […]

Ella and Leroy: It’s A Good Day

Yet another selection of such firm mediocrity it seemed only fair to include it in the Waxidermical canon. It definitely has that can’t-quit-put-my-finger-on-it quality that makes it hard to dismiss and harder still to actually compliment. Well, I guess I’m probably leaving out too many of the vitals for you the reader to draw your […]

Incomparable Leland Stanford Junior University Marching Band

That one dude has a pot leaf on his tuba. How sweet is that? Anyhow, yeah, turned-on marching band plays the Dead, Stones, Santana, Chicago, etc, etc. Betcha each and every one of them made a bong in ceramics class. TRUCKIN’ [Audio clip: view full post to listen]

Dakota Sid: S/T

For what it’s worth, I really like this record. One of my favorite rural California lp’s which is saying a lot. Stellar lonesome fire-side cosmic cowboy moves. Never fails to make me wanna spark a doobie, attire myself with large, garish turquoise man-jewelry & hit the road in my boogie-van while jamming a faux-leather case […]

Ecology Sea in Song and Ballad

“Hey, I know, let’s get ripped and record some songs about the ocean for kids.” I suppose one of the beauties of making your own record is that there’s no one to tell you no… as is evident on this custom job devoted to stoner octopus ballads and the like. Not that I’m knocking it […]

Vanguard Singers: Hymns Hot & Carols Cool

I will absolutely buy any record with a priest playing bongo drums on the cover… and while admittedly this is not always a strategy that pays off, this did turn out to be an above average church kids album with a fairly “turned on” sound. Not thoroughly amazing throughout, but there is one track in […]

Glenn Derringer: Swingin’ Rhythm

I don’t really have anything to say about this record but that Lulu cover was seriously starting to freak me out. Anyhow, here’s an MP3

Sweet Marie: 1

One of those bands that just really, really, really, really, really wanted to sound like Hendrix. Not that that’s a bad thing though, as there are more than a few highly enjoyable tracks on here. Take the grinding, fuzzy “Sweet Pea” for example. On the whole it’s somewhat over-exaggerated and hard to take completely seriously […]

Johnny Rusk: at the Seattle Airport Hilton

They must have had quite the lounge at the Seattle Airport Hilton because Mr. Rusk turns in quite a juiced up set here. And while it’s your fairly standard Elvis wannabe moves complete with white jumpsuit, the covers are actually well chosen and delivered with a near manic zeal. I especially enjoy his robust version […]

Kids of Widney High

Apparently this was a private cassette only release before Rounder re-issued this late 80’s effort made by L.A. area disabled high schoolers. All original material by the kids which is cool, but unfortunately it sounds like they got some shredding at the local guitar center dude to back them musically. I suppose some would find […]

Loving Cup

Lounge double lp by these hairy people from Michigan. Like most records of this sort there is a fair amount of totally worthless schmaltz, but unlike most, there’s also a few absolutely jaw-dropping tracks. For instance the version of “Feel Like Making Love” is just amazingly sleazy… complete with seductive moaning. I mean just imagine […]

Sand Island Band

One of those records that seems too interesting to not add to the site, yet not really interesting enough to say much about. I basically only bought it because the dude on the cover has a lion mullet… and it’s from Hawaii which made it seem kinda exotic. At best it’s fairly crudely rendered AOR […]

Adomono: Gypsy

Jerry Stiller look-a-like flamenco guitar dude record that is actually pretty far out. To look at the titles on this set of all covers does not exactly fill you with enthusiasm, but they are so completely drenched with echo that even the most banal 60’s pop cover is transcended into enjoyable weirdness. And according to […]

Yogi Adonaiasis: Gettingittogether

Truly bizarre double lp made by this lounge singer turned self styled yogi. Side one is deep thoughts about being, spoken through super echoed-out effects. Much like what you’d expect to find on a Timothy Leary lp or some other such psychedelic guru of the time. The weird part is that the other 3 sides […]

Graduates: S/T

Teen/Frat-Rock lp from the south that is at least semi-known. Lots of pretty unmemorable stuff on here, like the usual ill-chosen Beatles covers, etc… but a couple tracks are full-on rad. There’s a great cover of Sly’s “Thank You” with wah-guitar, cheesy organ, and squeaky-clean harmonies. Also a killer fuzzed-out version of “Comin’ Home Baby” […]

Selah: Consider These Words

Based on the cover I got up fairly high hopes for this one pretty much immediately as I flipped to it. Unfortunately these mid-west Christian hippies only really get it together on a couple tracks here… but those tracks are good if not a bit out of step with the rest of the album. For […]

Ray Harlowe & Gyp Fox: First Rays

You’ll probably read a fair number of reviews where a record is described as sounding “wasted”, but this one really truly does fit the bill. I’ve actually heard this referred to as a “blues rock” or “guitar rock” record which I don’t really get. I mean, it’s far too sloppy and demented to pin down […]

Kevin Vicalvi: Songs From Down the Hall

I will begin this with the rather bold claim that this is one of the best 70’s pop records you’ve probably never heard. Which is unfortunate as this independently released 1974 lp can not only hang with any of the revered lesser known major label efforts of time, but surpasses many of them. Quite a […]

Universe: S/T

One of the better random thrift shop finds of the year for me so far, and one of the best and weirdest Christian lp’s I’ve heard probably ever. Genuinely spaced out and progy in a crude and good way (especially for the late 70’s). Slightly reminiscent of Silver Apples at times, and pretty cosmic all […]

VA: Wilderness America

Local NorCal save the wilderness benefit comp that ranges from symphonic overtures, and new age, to sensitive singer/songwriter wannabe James Taylor shit. I honestly don’t even know why I picked this up originally based on it’s looks… oh yeah, I think Iasos the “Finger Listener” dude is on it. Anyhow, the real standout track has […]

Old Adobe Union School District: 1983

Local school that put out several records that I find every so often around town. The cool thing about them is that, unlike a lot of school records, they included selections from various levels of their music program… EI: Advanced band, intermediate, and yes… beginning! Check out the beginner’s take on the Theme to Rocky.

Rudy Rosa: Computer Synthesized Organized

Awesome basement wild-west-meets-Napoleon wannabe gets JJ Perrey style funky on a great version of “Baby Elephant Waltz”. But mostly this is all about the cover photo. File under: I will never be as cool as this guy ever and it makes me kinda sad. Thanks, Sean!

Beaumont High School: A Sometime Rain

Yet another record I bought on a trip back home visiting family. My mom lived in Beaumont for a few years… I can absolutely say without a doubt that if you’re ever faced with moving there, DON’T. It is the very definition of a hellhole. Anyhow, even hellholes like Beaumont, California have records… such as […]

Corvina: S/T

Yet another pretty mediocre Hungarian rock record for your viewing/listening pleasure. I couldn’t help but get excited when I found this cause the cover is so foreign and cool, but it’s mostly sorta jaunty lightweight pop with some flutey sheep-herder moves. There are a couple pretty cool tracks that rock a bit harder though so […]