Author – Azrael Abyss

Skip Bessonette: Live @ Ship Ashore

Burly dude rocks a seafood restaurant with an almost unsettling zeal. That people sat and ate lobster while this man ripped through “Barefootin’” (is that a kazoo I hear?), and a totally harrowing 11+ minute Neil Diamond medly is not something I can sleep at night believing. I haven’t even played the 2nd side.

Willy Wall Trio: the Traveling Sounds

Private organ trio lounge lp that has been much bandied about as of late. Off-kilter in a very subtle way; this is exactly what you always want out of a record like this, but what none of them ever actually deliver. It really manages to transport one to happy hour in a time and place […]

Jacobs Ladder: If I Had A Wish

Bay area lp that I will tentatively say is interesting. I’m mostly posting this to get “Fist” Goodbody off the home page though… so please forgive me if this is not quite Waxidermy’s finest hour. Anyhow, back sleeve credits seem to allude to this being more of a guy than a band… so I guess […]

Holidays To Sing About

OK, I was just telling a friend that I was going to stop reviewing crappy records on the site… and I genuinely mean it… so help me god I do. Then I log in tonight and see all the dumb shit I have cued up. They’ve been sitting here for months – a small voice […]

Konrad: Evil

It is very hard to know where to begin trying to explain Konrad, so I’ll start from the very beginning. He was pointing at me as I opened a package of records I received via a Waxidermy holiday swap about two days before this last Christmas. I recall thinking at first glance that this looked […]

Windstone: Take Time

A really unusual lounge act lp I found in Lower Oregon this last summer. What can I say… I just can’t turn away such clearly pimpin’ home-made white guys. They stick mostly to pretty bland renditions of standards, but there is fortunately one completely off the wall track that I’m guessing must have been their […]

Aura: S/T

Rare bay area funk-rock lp that, while highly regarded by some, does not do a lot for me personally. It’s definitely more juiced up than your average Cold Blood/Tower Of Power fare, so I can understand why this might appeal to fans of raw/self-produced funkiness, but it really is lacking in any real depth of […]

Capitol Singers: Over The Rainbow

The mind that conceived of kids doing a cover of “If I Ever Lose This Heaven” should be cryogenically frozen for posterity. Check out the great pictures of the band on the back…

Shaw Singers: Yesterday and Today

‘Nuther really cool homemade gospel rarity from down south. What makes this one especially interesting is that one side consists of very crude almost home-recorded sounding piano and vocal duets, while the other is slightly more produced and features a backing band. I’m assuming this split is referenced in the “Yesterday and Today” title. Both […]


I couldn’t have made this one up if I’d tried.

Ellison Family: Roots Of My Soul

I know nothing about the Ellison Family, so, rather than write nothing, I’ll tell you how I came to posses this record. (cue hypnotic music/enter flashback scene)… A couple of months ago I took a trip to find records disguised as going back home to visit my family (it’s OK, they don’t read my website). […]

David Kessner/Rudy Helm: Music For Progressive Relaxation Vol.1

Decent new age lp from early 80’s Mill Valley, CA. It’s basically your usual mix of analog synths, flutes, and nature sounds, but it also gets just a tiny bit jazzy at times which is interesting. Some of it veers dangerously near to mystical smooth jazz territory, but much of it is quite cosmic and […]

Sandy Hurvitz: Sandy’s Album Is Here At Last!

I grew up going to this crappy record shop in Orange County, Ca called “Pepperland”. You guessed it, the owner was Beatlemaniac. Scary. But, in the back, if you were not afraid to get dirty and look like a deranged sex fiend, there were a lot of records. This is the kind of place that […]

Soundpiper Music: Say Hi

Pretty unique education themed jazz lp from the bay area. It appears that Soundpiper was a private label run my a husband and wife team named Piper, and based on the back notes there were a small handful of releases. While this one in particular is not completely earth-shattering, it does contain one of the […]

Joe Goldmark: Pickin’ My Pleasures

Local Oakland, CA record that I busted out again while doing a mix recently. Cool souled out steel guitar instrumentals with a killer version of Alvin Cash’s “Twine Time”. If you’ve ever doubted the close ties between country music and funk, then this (among other things) should be required listening. Rumor has it that Joe […]

Flight: S/T

It seems you could look through records weekly for the rest of your natural life and you’d still be finding these one-off obscurities on Capitol as you keeled over and died. As an example I present: Flight. Definitely walking the line between goofy and great, but there is something I like a whole lot about […]

The Other Side Of Sugar And Spice

The funny thing is that while buying the big stack of lesbian records that this came with I can recall lamenting to my girlfriend that, while I continue to buy any homemade lesbian record I encounter, I’ve yet to find one of any actual musical merit… nor did I really believe I ever would. And […]

The Lewis And Clarke Expedition: S/T

Buffalo Springfield-esque folk-rock lp on the RCA subsidiary Colgems. At times this gets just a tiny bit too cheesed out for it’s own good, but the solid tracks more than make up for it. These guys handle folked out trippy sitar stuff and straight ahead fuzzed out rockers equally well. Top-notch production and arrangements as […]

St. Francis De Sales Cathedral Choir and Ensemble: Those Who See Light

This record is mostly pretty ehhhh… In fact, in an effort to impose more rigid quality control standards on… uhhh…. myself, I guess… I’d scrapped a previously completed review of it. But, alas, I often get to pondering these especially marginal records when I’m up late drinking. Plus, there is one track where they get […]

Omar Khorshid: Belly Dance With Vol.3

Dunno what I can really add here that I haven’t already covered in other reviews of Omar’s records, ‘cept to say that there’s an especially DYNO-MITE verson of Gershon Kingley’s “Popcorn” on here. Otherwise, more of the same…

Illes: Illesek Es Pofonok

While poking around online looking for info in English on this group I came across something that said they were “The Beatles of Hungary!”… I have no idea how true this statement is, but it does remind me how vulnerable one is when trying to buy/get into foreign records. Cause yeah, these guys are not […]

Thundertones: Cloudburst

For some reason I keep putting off finishing and posting this review. I guess it might be that I’m sorta kinda bummed that I didn’t end up keeping this one – but, now that it has a loving new owner, I should probably let the healing begin or whatever. Anyhow, medium length story short, we […]