Author – Azrael Abyss

Pina Nevarez: Tu que Fuiste

Yet another lp I picked up when I just couldn’t say no to records featuring a groovy 60’s or 70’s girl on the cover. But this actually turned out to be a better than average pop record on the Mexican Peerless label. As with most records of this sort, there are some ballads that are […]

Tedd Smith: Smash and Grab World

I believe I once read somewhere that Tedd Smith was Billy Graham’s Pianist. And record enthusiasts probably best know him for the common and less than amazing “Time to Run” soundtrack. But he also made a few very ambitious concept albums for Word/Light – this being the best of the ones I’ve heard. The album […]

Linda Rich: There’s More To Living Than I Know So Far

Linda Rich’s first lp on the Chicago based IVR label from 1969 is an amazingly beautiful set of original xian folk-pop. Outstanding sparse production, excellent songwriting, and Linda’s understated, yet confident vocals make this a record that reaches way beyond any kind of novelty factor often used to “handicap” Christian records. In fact, like many […]

Frank Lynch: A New Look At Life

Records with low budget duo-tone covers pressed by high schools with Christian kids sporting acoustic guitars pretty much haunt me in my dreams now. So, yeah, I got a full on boner when when I found this. I even like green. And it’s from Canada so it kinda has that lure of “the exotic other”. […]

Michael Stearns: Planetary Unfolding

When last I spoke of Mr. Stearns, I believe I claimed something to the effect of “he fell off” after making one decent lp. Well, thankfully this claim brought about a reminder that I needed to revisit this, his second lp. While I’m not sure I agree that it “steps all over” Ancient Leaves, I […]

Jim Nollman: Playing Music With Animals

Put aside whatever bias you might have against inter-species communication for a few minutes and give Jim Nollman a try. Sure, I know your cat doesn’t listen when you scream, “Stop clawing the god damn furniture, you horrible fiend!!!” – but, have you ever tried jamming with the little fella on, say, a Viheula? Didn’t […]

Carols Avalon: Only One

Hadn’t found a cover quite this good/bad in a while. This dude clearly thought he was THEE MACK

Leo Nestor: Sons of the Morning

Impressive Christian folky stuff with some trippy electronics on a couple of tracks. A lot of its gets a bit same sounding, but it’ll definitely appeal to fans of mellow stuff like the Guitar Ensemble, etc. The tracks with electronics really make you wonder how killer this could have been had they gotten a bit […]

Glaser, Solomon, Clayton, and Contini: AEIOU

Ultrasound Records made this lp in the mid 70’s devoted to teaching vowel sounds to children. An artifact of the era that would have most likely stayed buried in the graveyard of kitsch had it not become known for the funky breakz of the long E song. But aside from all of that, this is […]

Iasos: Inter-Dimensional Music

One of the really great records on the Unity label from Marin County, CA. I guess this stuff is considered “new age”, but it’s super trippy and should appeal to lovers of space rock and Eno style drone stuff. Very entertaining liner notes too. Check out his instructions on “Finger-Listening”… “Finger-Listening Try this: While playing […]

Omar Khorshid: Rhythms from the Orient

If you dig “east meets west” style exotica ala Ananda Shankar then prepare to have your mind blown, cause Egyptian guitarist Omar Khorshid is one of the giants! A swirling blend of snakey rhythms played with Moog, organ, belly dance percussion, and of course Omar’s driving electric guitar in the foreground. Check out the track […]

Michael Stearns: Ancient Leaves

A later 70’s California New Age record that has a much more spacey sound than most. Reminds me a whole lot of the first few Klaus Schulze solo lp’s. Two side-long cosmic drones consisting of layered electronics and hypnotic wordless voices. Stearns’ best record by far. He went on to make a several more in […]

Ric Masten: Windows

I had no idea who Ric Masten was when I found this a few months ago at some dank little Christain thrift shop. Brought it home with a big pile of Jesus folk records I bought that day and was completely impressed by it. Anyhow, I looked him up on the net (Ric has his […]

Street and Gangland Rhythms

Simply put; this is one of the most amazing and entertaining records I’ve ever heard. It’s a truly fascinating slice of life that does not cease to astonish upon repeated listens, and makes one wish that more things like this had been preserved for the ages. The songs, anecdotes, and a capella gang wars of […]

Karen Dalton: In My Own Time

The follow up to her rare lp on Capitol is very much in country rock territory. I was at first put off by the Nashville session musician type backing on all but two tracks – which are acoustic with Karen on banjo – but, upon further listening, it mostly works. The best tracks having a […]

Sufi Choir: S/T

From 1973 this is the first record by this quasi-eastern, quasi-religious, Bay area ensemble. I’m not exactly sure what the function of the Sufi Choir was, but they sound like a cross between a high school choir, and a hippy commune jam session. Don’t let that somewhat unappetizing description put you off though – there […]

Saint Anthony Choristers: Let the Sunshine In!

I will buy just about any record of kids singing/playing pop songs that I know and like – so, needless to say, I end up buying a lot records like this one. Most of the time they are just totally unremarkable. I won’t say horrible because truly horrible music is as hard to come by […]

Bob Hurd: Bless the Lord

Good private press singer songwriter Jesus man lp from 1976. Low key and acoustic with a sparse, introspective feel on the best cuts. The Christian lyrics do come close to being overbearing at times though. One thing I found funny about this record though is that he goes on a tirade against home taping in […]

Los Mitos: S/T

Killer 60’s Spanish (not quite sure where these guys were from, my copy was pressed in El Salvador) garagey fuzz-pop stuff that I was hipped to by Ryan (of this site) a while back. There’s a few American pop covers including a cool version of Tommy James’ “Mony Mony”, but the originals on here are […]

Baroques: S/T

One of my personal favorite psych lp’s ever. From Milwaukee, WI, the Baroques recorded just this one record for Chess in 1967. Don’t let the Chess affiliation fool ‘ya. It carries none of the cheesy trappings of stuff like Rotary Connection, etc. The sound is raw and like nothing else I’ve ever heard on the […]

Jack Walker: Rise Up Spirits

Another cool hippie kids who love Jesus type affair. I’ve had a few other Jack Walker lp’s, but aside from them all having funny (in a deranged sort of way) skits in-between tracks, they were not as musically interesting as this one. Not to say this is an end-to-end amazing record, but there are a […]

David Wilkerson: The Coming Persecution

Definitely one of the best Christian covers I’ve ever seen. I was hoping the sermon would be a bit more crazed based on the liner notes, but, while Mr. Wilkerson’s prophecies seem pretty radical in print, the way he explains them leaves one wondering just how much divine help was actually needed to come to […]

Dave Pell Singers: Mah-Na-Mah-Na

I grew up in southern California. So, I have often been asked by unfortunate souls doomed to live in places like Wisconsin what it’s like – “Is it really sunny on Xmas day?” “Do bikini-clad girls really frolic 365 days a year?” “Does everyone dress like Don Johnson circa Miami Vice?” In way of answer […]