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In case you were wondering, yes there is in fact an anti-abortion pro-abstinence dreamy indie-pop LP from 1985. And, yes, it is called Zing. And yes, it does feature a song called “Planned Barrenhood”. And yes, the jacket was stuffed full of “educational” material. And yes, there is a long ass mostly incoherent liner note rant on […]

“Book” – …”Book’s” Greatest Hits Vol. 13

At a certain point in life one should probably start to assume the existence of things that previously seemed inconceivable. Like, for example, of course there is a wah-wah-synth-steel-drum-new-wave cover of Fraser & DeBolt’s “Gypsy Solitaire” by these Southwestern redneck lounge goofballs on an LP otherwise inhabited by questionable Western Swing, cheesy ballads, tepid funk, […]