Author – jackpirat

The Lemon Dips – Who’s Gonna Buy

The best library LP i found for 1 euro, released on De wolfe in the end of the 60s, this one is not the instrumental library LP you can often find on KPM or De Wolfe. This one is a record by an unknown british garage-psych band who can be compared with “The Deviants”. Side […]

Various – Pornophone / Sanghingsten

Oh Oh, this cover is quite explicit, when i bought this 45 i thought it was punk underground stuff, it was written in swedish, the only thing i understood was “pornophone” and “Made in Sweden”, the rest is swedish, anyway i bought it. Back home, i listened to it and i was disapointed: only spoken. […]

Philippe Nicaud – Erotico…Nicaud

With an artwork by the famous painter “Aslan”, this one is my french Holy Grail. The music is as good as the cover. Philippe Nicaud is a french comedian from the sixties who¬†acted in wack parisian plays. The music go from bossa to jerk or funk orchestra. Nicaud doesn’t sing he speaks, the lyrics are […]

Pax Quartet – Chantez un Chant Nouveau

To continue in the Xian section, here is a french one: The Pax quartet, not really famous but quite prolific. It’s not just Church songs it’s also very jazzy, the orchestra is conducted by Christian Chevallier who was also known for his works with library labels. In fact the voices are similar to “Les Compagnons […]