Author – justin74

Los Christians: s/t (Dicesa)

Latino Xian Rock and covers. I know nothing about this group. I’m sure you can find some stuff on the web. This record has a few nice cuts like “Los Reyes Magos” which rocks out, a terrific cover of Tom Jones’ “Ella Es Una Dama” (She’s A Lady), and “Mi Camino” that has a great […]

Hear And Now: For The First Time (Terry)

Great California group (I’m assuming) doing covers of Rock, Country, and Gospel tunes. Rocking covers of Hoyt Axton’s “Put Your Hand in the Hand”, and “Joy to the World”, Mason Williams’ “Classical Gas”, CCR’s “Proud Mary”, and Riz Ortolani’s “More” are just some of the great tracks on here. Awesome looking cover and I think […]

Randy Sharp: First in Line

I like country music. Those sad songs that end with heartbreak, a sixer of Budweiser on the lap, and mans best friend in the passenger seat. I’ve sang “On the Road Again” so many times in my head and outloud during a trip that I can sing most of the song word for word. Like […]

Mel-Vonne: Be Still (Celesta)

Absolutely stunning! Really it’s the only words that I can come up with for this record. Released in 84 it’s a Modern Soul Gospel burner that is quite unfuckwithable in my opinion. Melvin & Yvonne (Mel-Vonne get it?), handle the vocals, the writing of the tunes, and the producing duties. Great backing band too with […]