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Past And Present – First Time Out

This is a UK private press LP recorded at Rook Studios in the town of Stourport On Severn. It was released in 1979 and is all cover songs of varying genres. I guess this band was a local outfit which played pubs/clubs, maybe weddings and […]

The Witness Four – The Witness Four

The Witness Four were a Auckland, New Zealand based Gospel group from around 1969-1970. This LP is a private release on their own Damascus label and was recorded at Zodiac Studios in Auckland sometime around 1970. The LP is a mix of gospel, folk, pop […]

Oakland Youth Orchestra – The Black Composer In America

Although this LP is undated, it seems to be from the late ’60s and was released on the Desto label from New Jersey. It features the Oakland Youth Orchestra (a High School aged Orchestra) as well as Mezzo-Soprano Cynthia Bedford and is conducted by Robert […]

Lejaren Hiller – Avalanche

A jarring and exploratory set from Hiller in which unsettling sounds seem to come and go. Forays into electronci computer music with percussion and tape also lend interest. Definitely covering some interesting concepts in taking existing material, cutting it up, combining with other information and […]

Kim Choo Ja – Why Doesn’t He Come?/Is It Real?

Kim Choo Ja enjoyed a very successful career in Korean music after bursting onto the scene in the late 1960s, musically she was associated with Shin Jung Hyun on her earlier LPs but this LP is slightly after that. Although much of this album has […]

You & The Parting – You

This 1975 LP was released on the Korean label Jigu (Earth) and is an example from the poppier side of Korean psych (or vice versa). There are three really strong uptempo tracks and the others tend to be a bit too light and pop based […]

Kim Jung Mi – The Wind

Recorded in 1973, this LP is the middle release in a trio of collaborative LPs between singer Kim Jung Mi and guitarist/bandleader/songwriter Shin Jung Hyun. Here we have Kim Jung Mi’s cool female vocals over a solid bunch of pop/psych songs. This LP and the […]

Jang Hyun & The Men – Woman Of The Evening Sun

This LP is something of a classic as far as Korean Psychedelic Rock goes. Shin Jung Hyun is the guitarist and writer and he is a pretty legendary figure in Korean Rock music. Side A features a number of shorter, more commercial styled songs with […]

Various Artists – Homegrown III

This is a non-profit regional spotlight compilation LP out of San Diego from 1975 which really covers quite a bit of ground. From folksy singer/songwriter stuff through to hard rock, it’s all represented in this professional sounding album. Informative liner notes on the back, lyric […]

Seagull – Seagull

At first thought you’d probably think that a duo LP of Electric Guitar and Violin could either go two ways. Atonal free jazz squawking or soothing new age relaxation. To be truthful this LP falls somewhere in the middle. It has soothing ocean sounds to […]

Various Artists – Loxene Golden Disc

These were a series of LP compilations featuring the finalists for the Loxene (shampoo) Golden Disc award (think of it as a all New Zealand version of a Grammy award or Eurovision). As overall listens they are patchy at best but there are some interesting […]

Hamilton County Bluegrass Band – Fifth Season

The Hamilton County Bluegrass Band were actually pretty popular in New Zealand in the late 60s/early 70s. It kind of blows my mind that these guys (and gal) achieved pretty strong mainstream success with such a traditionally bluegrass sound. Confusingly, I think Fifth Season is […]

Brothers Reborn – Brothers Reborn

This appears to be a fairly obscure release from the Kent label. Two brothers, Raphael and Ramon Velez front a loungey/soul band in this set of mostly original tunes with a few covers thrown in. The band is really tight throughout with great bass and […]

Windwords – Shootin’ The Breeze

Excellent and relatively obscure rural tinged folk/rock out of Cleveland, OH. from 1979. Windwords was a duo of multi-instrumentalists Doug McWilliams and David W. Arberman. This record has a great vibe throughout and is a really cohesive listen from start to finish. It was limited […]

Jeff Clarkson – Forward Looking

This cassette was released in 1987 and is the second PINA release (Butterfly from 1986 was the first) by Jeff Clarkson who is something of a pioneer of New Age Music in New Zealand. Clarkson had previously had a career as a pop musician in […]

Alexander Curly – Vette Jus & Boerenjongens

This LP is Dutch & from the mid 70s, the cover cracks me up. Piercing blue eyes, lopsided mustache, tartan jacket, obtrusive cat, china teacup & weird lamp/bong. I think it might be a comedy record, but I don’t speak dutch so can’t be sure, […]

Graciela Susana – Adoro, La Reine De Saba

From what I can Google, Graciela Susana is an Argentinian singer who had a fair bit of success singing in Japanese for the Japan market in the 70s. This LP mixes more traditional pop fare with sparse latin/folk stylings. It’s a mixture of traditional songs […]

Various Artists – Thunda From Downunda

According to the cover, Thunda From Downunda was the first all Australian Heavy Metal compilation LP. It was released in 1986 on the tiny (this is maybe the label’s only release) Ocker label. The compilation featured the following bands: Red Alert; Lightning Rock; Godspeed; Warren […]

Maori Volcanics – Live

Maori showbands have a pretty deep history stretching back over the last 50 odd years. Essentially a touring review style band incorporating at times an almost variety show-like review. Many of these bands found success all over the world and toured relentlessly and also released […]

The Krug Bros – The Memories Remain

Private press soft rock LP out of Wisconsin from 1981. Side A is all originals while Side B sees the brothers covering a bunch of songs from the likes of Bob Dylan, Neil Young & the Beatles among others. Loren & Leon Krug look like […]

St Kentigern College – 1969

This an LP showcasing the then music program at the College where I am now a music teacher. This was recorded a fair bit before my time, unfortunately we don’t do showcase LPs anymore. This features the usual suspects of Pipes & Drums (the College […]

Hall High School – Here & Now

William Hall High School from West Hartford, Ct. has a number of LPs, this one showcases the Jazz Band & Jazz Choir from 1977. It was recorded at RCA Studio C in New York & sounds really good for a High School LP. This LP […]

Joe Cohen – Pages

Private folk/ssw/light rock from Illinois 1975. Released on the small Friendship Store label, there is a pretty wide range of stuff on here. On the folk stuff Cohen wears his Dylan influences on his sleeve while the more pop/rock offerings head into a more typical […]

Bettye and Milt – Feelings Of

Introspective and intimate Piano and Vocal Jazz LP from Kansas on the Simba label. Features Bettye Miller on Piano, Milt Abel on Bass and Wallace B. Jones on Drums. The LP was recorded for the Topeka Jazz Workshop at Washburn University. Mostly really laid back […]

Various Artists – Haus Musik

Here is a German compilation LP from 1991. It was the first release on the Hausmusik label and was limited to maybe 200 copies, all numbered on the front cover. The covers are all handpainted and handcut with different cut locations giving views of different […]