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Kenneth Moales – Serve The Lord

I haven’t been able to google much about Kenneth Moales’ recording career. I believe this was his ensemble’s first LP & is probably from the early 70s. Moales is still apparently a respected evangelist & pastor, but I have no idea if he has other […]

The Bugs – Twist & Shout

There has to be heaps of them, the budget “cash-in” labels, every country has them, every record collector knows them. There are labels dedicated to “cash-in” LPs only, 45s only also. The “Hit” label is one of the 45 ones, a reasonably prolific one at […]

Roy Budd – Birth Of The Budd

Everyone knows Roy Budd for his later soundtrack work, but this 45 was the first thing I ever owned by him & it still holds a special place in my heart. This 45 (“Birth Of The Budd”/”M’Ghee M’Ghee”) came out in 1965 & was Budd’s […]

Bari & The Breakaways – I Can’t Explain

Quite possibly the finest & most fully realised R&B band to emerge from a sixties New Zealand scene that had a number of fine bands. The Breakaways were the first to get a taste of national success, inspired by bands such as the Rolling Stones, […]

Quincy Conserve – Epitaph

It seems that when you start out collecting records you are magically drawn to find specimens in your preferred genre which were created by local musicians. The problem you often encounter when collecting relatively niche genres is that the local examples you find will usually […]

Bruce D. McElheny – For The Record

This is a really solid private press (I think) LP that covers acoustic blues, country & folk territory. All the songs are originals by McElheny and the instrumentation is various combinations of voice, guitar, banjo, electric bass, drums and dobro. Recorded in October 1976 at […]

Ray Brown & The Whispers – Respect

Australian band The Whispers were probably the best & most successful blue eyed soul group in Australia during their original run of success from 1964-66. The band really loved the burgeoning soul scene coming out of the US at the time & laced their live […]

Blerta – Freedom St. Marys

Blerta was the brainchild of legendary New Zealand drummer, bandleader & actor Bruno Lawrence. He formed Blerta in 1971, with the name standing for “Bruno Lawrence Electric Revelation Travelling Apparition”. Blerta was held together as a band through to 1975 & it’s ever revolving membership […]

Hacke Bjorksten – All Star Sextet

Sweden had a pretty thriving modern jazz scene back in the fifties that produced a number of talented players. Many of the sessions recorded there by either visiting or expatriate US artists or local players were often recorded & performed to a high quality. I […]

The Sinceres – Girl I Love You

Pzazz was a small label out of Hollywood that released a real variety of stuff in the few years it was in business. It was the baby of Paul Gayten who was a music industry veteran having been a force in the 1950s New Orleans […]

Big Daddy Crimson – Leave My Woman Alone

If you’ve ever been sitting there watching Sesame Street & thought “damn, wouldn’t it be cool if Cookie Monster fronted a funk band?” Then this is the 45 for you, not only do you get two sides of nice Monk Higgins arrangements, you also get […]

Herbie Goins & The Nightimers – No.1 In Your Heart

American singer Herbie Goins found himself in London after leaving the US armed forces in 1963. In 1964 he formed a band called the Nightimers & set about bringing soul music to the UK. Herbie’s first documented recordings that I can track were a guest […]

The Aggressors – Reggae Steadae Go

The budget Marble Arch label from the UK is one that I have a sort of love/hate relationship with. It’s one of those labels that some people actually try to collect the entire run even though in reality 85% of the releases on it are […]

Freddie Redd – Stockholm 1956

American pianist Freddie Redd arrived in Stockholm in June 1956 as a relatively unknown artist. He had taken up an invitation from swedish trumpeter Rolf Ericson to be a part of an all-american rhythm section that Ericson would tour throughout Sweden in mid-56. The other […]

Kevin Clark Group – On Saturday

Mid-70s jazz/funk out of New Zealand, released on the local Ode label. The Kevin Clark Group were the resident band on local television’s “On Saturday” show & this album showcases some of their varied repertoire for the show.  There are a mix of covers & […]

The Atlantics – Bombora

Without a doubt the greatest & most successful surf band to come out of Australia ever.  Formed in 1961 “Bombora” was the group’s second 45 & was released in 1963.  Produced by Sven Libaek, it was the band’s biggest hit & was one of only […]

No Tag – Can We Get Away With It

Full length LP recorded live at the Reverb Room by New Zealand’s premier punk/oi band of the day (1982).  One of the few local punk bands of the time to do a full length, they also have a 12″ EP called “Oi Oi Oi” that […]

Allison Durbin – I Have Loved Me A Man

This LP was the first by New Zealand singer Allison Durbin. She had released several 45s prior to this but it was the overwhelming success of the LP’s title track that really made her a star here in late sixties. The 45 of ‘I Have […]

The Fourmyula w/Shane – Alive

This album was recorded at the Wellington Town Hall, probably around late 1969 or early 1970 and features two of the biggest artists in New Zealand rock music of the time.  The Fourmyula were at this stage in time between their attempts at breaking the […]

Nature’s Time – The Way I See It – Far Out

I am basically posting up this 45 to see if anyone can chime in with more info about it. Apparently it is pretty uncommon & seems for me to be ungoogleable. One thing that really bugs the hell out of me is when I find […]

Anenzephalia – Lyse

First I’ll start off with a disclaimer: I borrowed this record from my girlfriend who used to be a big industrial fan. I am really not that knowledgable on industrial stuff at all, hell I don’t really like it even, but this one seemed too […]

Jimmy Bowman – Swings At The Golden Fox

Private Press Jazz for the late 60s cocktail set.  Jimmy Bowman was (is?) a journeyman pianist who at some stage apparently held a residency at the Golden Fox club in Minneapolis.  The title of this 45 is a little misleading though because it was actually […]

The Followers – Gospel Meeting

Normally I am not a big fan or hunter of gospel records.  The gospel field is so incredibly huge & filled with so many records that are so awful that it is pretty tough to know where to start. So I guess I am a […]

The Teemates – Jet Set Dance Vol.4: Discotheque

There is something that keeps me needle dropping sixties “youth-dancesploitation” LPs. Many of them look pretty tame but often end up hiding some really knock out tracks (many of them also do not, but let’s focus on the positives). Take this example from 1964, intended […]

Board Of Directors – Happy/Hanging Tough

This 12″ single was released on the Record Symphony Corporation label out of Brooklyn in 1978. The A side is titled ‘Happy’ & is sung by KC Stewart while the B side is an instrumental titled ‘Hanging Tough’. This 12″ plays at 33 not 45 […]