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Ill advised industrial Zeppelin cover. Not the good kind of industrial, either, but the eye makeup fist pump kind that the Trenzor guy popularized. “Dance for me, girl.” The b-side is ironic industro-rap about Baghdad. EVERYBODY ITCHIN BOUT THE PRICE OF CRUDE! Truly horrendous music. [Audio clip: view full post to listen] [Audio clip: view […]

Henry Cowell – Piano Music

1/5 definintely not suitable for children, one song inparticular, March 15, 2003 By A Customer I bought this CD, and I ended up throwing it in the bin the very next day. I bought it and I’m a bit of a ghost freak and I saw the song “Banshee,” I put the record in and […]

‘Thesda – Sourced Out

B: Where’d you get this copy? N: thanks nate! please paypal $600 to make sure to note what you ordered and your mailing address. B: I wasn’t asking if I could buy it, I was just curious where you got your copy? N: That’s an odd question but ok. B: Are you going to […]

FAYGO BOY – Your Kids Member 45

This might have you crawling in peeholes as your cabbage slowly turns to coleslaw. My first experience with ye o fay was on a cold sunny day in georgia. I was sucking on an explosive cuban, thinking ‘any less than 8 and it’s not worth my time.’ But it was worth my time and I […]

Tabron – Block The Ball

At the age of 15 Manute Bol killed a marauding lion with a spear. At 19 the 7’7″ Dinka herdsman was handed a basketball and smashed his teeth on the rim in his first attempt at dunking. A few years later he moved to the nations capital, home of beautiful women and the Washington Bullets, […]

Robbie Mackey – Production Reel

For some reason somebody thought pressing a childrens album on vinyl in the early 90s would be a good business plan and that this lunatic painter would be just the guy for the job. Features a breath taking cover of the little mermaid rasta crab anthem “under da sea”. I left this record in California. […]

Mocedades – Recuerdo De

This is a triple LP greatest hits collection from this mostly crummy spanish pop folk group. If my Mom was born in Basque Country and not Pennsylvania she’d flip over this shit instead of Carly Simon or whatever the fuck she was listening to in 1972. Although I guess people in PA were feeling this […]

New American Music Vol. 1

Here’s the first of four volumes in Folkways’ New American Music series. You know it’s new American music because the Eagle on the cover is playing a harp. Eagles mean America, harps mean music and new means new. But this record is actually 30 years old, so I guess in this case new means old. […]

Lokomotiv Konkret

Mind numbing Sweedish free jazz with electronic accompainiment. That’s Claes Sweger’s business card taped to the cover. He must have given this record to the transvestite i purchased it from.

Emmett Frisbee – Sound Paintings

“Emmett Frisbee used to travel the country entering Hoagy Carmichael look-alike contests. He was never a winner, though once he was one of the ten finalists. Discouraged, penniless and having turned vegetarian, Emmett decided one Thanksgiving over his bowl of cold oatmeal to make music his career. Life took an immediate upward swing. Today, Emmett […]

Sounds Of Self-Hypnosis Through Relaxation

There’s a lot of words I would use to describe the folkways catalog. But sexy is not one of them. Despite being a rather handsome man himself, Mo Asch resisted the allure of the sexy. And this is probably a good approach for recording the music of indigenous peoples. The Murat musicians of North Borneo […]

Visitors From Outer Space – What Saith The Lord?

On October 9, 1973 the entirely heterosexual fishing expedition of Charles Hickson & Calvin Parker was unexpectedly interrupted by a flying egg shaped craft. Three used condom looking creatures forced hickson on to their ship, examined his body, and then returned him to the wharf, unharmed. “If this is true we should throw away the […]