Author – perrata2000

Asher – S/T

Love the b&w emblem on this one, made to be converted into a jacket patch. Hard Rock 4 song 12″ EP out of Ohio fronted by a female lead singer on Zipperleg Records. Stays pretty much within the conventions of the era  (1984) although the last song veers into something resembling power pop (bottom clip). […]

Ods Bodkins – Serendipity

Mellow folk trio from Johnson City, Tennessee (beefed up by other players for certain songs). The album was recorded in 1979 and self -published on their own label. Although it has a couple of traditional/bluegrassy numbers, it focuses on a smooth acoustic sound. Ods Bodkins: The Feeling [Audio clip: view full post to listen]

Evangelist Eva L. Orange – Mother Don’t Look Back Go Forward

This record came out on the Tropical label out of Miami (better known  for Frankie Sea & The Soul Riders). Most of it consists of a sermon but the album is bookended by a couple of songs on each side. The most unusual is the one opening side A, with its raw, lo-fi sound. It […]

Friday Knights – You’re Not A Song, You’re An Album

Here is a pretty unique private press record from Hialeah, Florida of all places (although the band seem to have come from  Hollywood, just a bit further up the coast). At first sight I thought this would be a souvenir from a Medieval themed diner or lounge (a la Orlando’s Medieval Times) but  I’m glad […]