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Carlos Malcolm – Ska Mania

Carlos Malcolm and his Afro-Lamaican Rhythms rock out on 11 tracks, infusing jazz and mento with the ska sound. Favorites include the title track, “Wings Of A Dove”, “Skokian” check out “Tiptoe”

Belly Dance with Themi Kakias and The Continentals

1977 out of Columbus, Ohio. Themi’s bouzouki is backed with guitar and synthesizer, which adds a nice twist on the belly dance sound. “Shades of Rhythm” is a drummer freak out and “Dal se Bami 77” is hypnotic

Charlie Palmieri – Either You Have It Or You Don’t

Boogaloo and jazzy too, this Alegre release doesn’t turn up often. Produced by Pancho Cristal for a division of Roulette. I’m digging “Fat Papa’s Descarga”, “Boogaloo-Mania”, the groovy “Fat Papa” and jazzy “Either You Have It Or You Don’t”

Tibet II

Tibet II – a musical anthology of the orient. Another in the great UNESCO collection, nice gatefold with loads of info, they never disappoint. Spoken word, chanting, instrumentials & all together, you are in the temple here is the “Invitation To The Deity Shugden”

Eduardo Davidson – Le Chien

Creepy cover for a creepy sounding album by a trend setter. conducted and produced by Leroy Holmes ?!? Bugaloo, frisson & sambas, but what you really want is the r&b sounds of “Mueva El Dinero” & the puppy dawg song “Le Chien (El Perro)”

Victor Lundberg – An Open Letter

10 pieces of old fogey Victor’s mind, seems he is not up on the changes in these modern times. “On Censorship”, “To The Flower Power”, “Dear Parents”, “To The Destroyers”, etc. 2 tracks were issued on 7″ by Liberty listen to “My Buddy Carl” + “An Open Letter To My Teenage Son”

The Oscar Arias Quartet

“From the world famous Mexican Village (in Coronado, CA)” 10 tracks of lounge jazz and pop (drum,bass,organ,trumpet,singer), the better tracks being “I Feel The Earth Move” & “Evil Ways”

Watusi Drums

Exciting – Wild – Orgiastic from the Burundi records label, ten tracks that sound like field recordings of drumming, some chanting. Listen: Mwami

A Child’s Cry – A Clue To Diagnosis

Pfizer must have handed these out with their pills, wacky Dr Weinberg from Capetown S.A. leads you through baby cries & their meaning. Troubling gatefold inner cover will not be shown, here are some diagnosis Crying Babies

Fundamentals of Chemistry

“Learn 475 basic facts quickly and easily through this new audio learning method”. 17 tracks, including “The Atom part 1” and “part 2”, “Halogens”, “Commercial Preparation”, etc. Dare to hear “Metals”?

U.S. Atlantic Fleet Navy Show Band – Hand Clappin’ Music

Banda Unitas ’78 – Simiiar to the “Port Authority” group in concept & execution but they try harder. Released for Puerto Rican recruitement, it was not distributed as widely as other US armed forces groups. Groovy song selection includes Negro Jose, Opener (Hand Clappin’ Music), Oye Mama, synthed out Theme From Rocky and Star Wars […]

Pin Points – No Dressing

Stock cover, late 70’s, DIY looking from Southeast Washington DC, the song titles stood out, looking mostly gospel, with “It’s Got To Be That Dope” raising curiosity. The sounds impressed, gospel, modern soul, drum and rap. With further research i discovered their web site, Pin Points is an activist inner city theatre group that works […]

NRA – Legacy

Found two years ago in a thrift, sealed, wasn’t untill this spring that i cracked it open to discover a dozen public service announcements promoting not the shoot em up unregistered bill of rights side of the organization, but the kinder, gentler conservation side of the group. Among the usual suspects are Ed Ames, Walter […]

Bobby And Betty Go To The Moon

Way in the future, 1985, these 2 kids are the first to fly solo to the moon. Loads of fun science facts and cheesy effects, girls don’t care much for engineering in the future, where scientists sound like cheap impersonations of Bela & Boris. More fun on side two, tame library versions of soul and […]

L Cpl Charles E Scott (USMC) – From Vietnam With Love

Still a mystery to me, found a stack of these in Richmond VA (the label’s hometown) almost a decade ago, many years of questions and research has yielded nada. The label is known for some hard 60’s garage rockers, this spoken recitation with folky guitar strumming & humming of the Stone’s “As Tears Go By” […]

Abner Jay – Swaunee Water And Cocaine Blues

I’ve been blown away by this record for over 20 years, one of my favorites, few others come close to matching the reality found on here. Abner was an old school one man band, sort of a next level Leadbelly meets Dylan. I’m envious of friends who caught his live performance in the south east […]

Marlin Wallace and The Corillions – Double Album

The record i can’t shut the f up about, hearing it now is as exciting as the first time. Real deal hobo troubadour diy songwriter, arranger, producer, guitar picker & occasional singer, Mr Wallace is a driven soul. Recorded in Springfield MO in 1980, only a few of the pressing were sold at the time. […]

Lloyd McNeill – Treasures

New York spiritual jazz with trippy flute backed by Cecil McBee, Dom Salvador, Brian Brake, Ray Armando & Portinho. 1975 recording on Baobob, the known & sampled parts are hard but all 4 tunes move with the strong players, it’s growing on me, give a listen to Griot

Hammond State School Performing Group – Taking It To The Streets

From Louisiana, this mid-80’s recording by the very active performing group (there live appearance schedule on the back proove they may be the hardest working mentally handicapped band ever) has something for everyone. Rock, pop, disco, r&b, country & of course, zydeco. While i find the title track awesome, those that have listened rave about […]

Rainbow Promise – self titled

Rainbow Promise, teenage Jesus freak jam band from Texas, early 70’s recording, recorded in Ohio, on a Springfield MO label. 2 pressings with different cover variations were made, only sold at their concerts. Four stand out cuts with heavy shredding guitar jams. Listen – my fave track

Marlin Wallace and The Corillions – Songs Of Divine Inspiration

incredible DIY release, variety of styles showcased by thiis rail riding hobo, including some straight Ozark gospel, folky xian protest & heartfelt honest pleas for redemption. Recorded from 1975-8 in Springfield Missouri, featuring top notch studio musicians now working in Branson and members or garage/retro rockers the Skeletons/Morells. This is the real deal, the infamous […]

Lloyd McNeill – Tori

1978 Baobob pressing of “spiritual” jazz flute with a dash of latin percussions. Featuring Buster Williams on bass, Dom Salvador on piano, Victor Lewis, Dom Um Romao & Nana Vasconceios on rhythm. Acquired on the high recommendation of a mr hipster know it all, he may be on to something. Not too free, but flowing […]