Author – TheHumanchee

Czeslaw Niemen – Muzyka do sztuki Juliusza Slowackiego

Polish mostly synthesized music from I don’t know when. On the Polskie Nagrania Muza label (who had rad sleeves). The A-side is comprised of 5 or 6 short synth experiments. The b-side is similar but halfway through some singing comes in. I wish it didn’t. Here’s one of the bit’s off the a-side: czeslaw_clip Also, […]

The Druids – Doctor Friend

Great 60’s pop that’s as addictive as the street pharmaceuticals discussed in the song. The lyrics, which deal with serious drug addiction, are cheerful and bouncy. But what really keeps me coming back (ha) are the breezy background harmonies. The flip, “She’s got secret (to hide)” is also a great tune in a similar style. […]


Picked this one up for the great cover. It’s a two record set put out by the Chicago Daily News and WLS Radio in conjunction with forums and broadcasts addressing the problem of school dropout in  1966. Three out of the four sides are dry and boring press conferences. The remaining side contains excerpts from […]