Author – twoply

Bob Kolve – Chase Your Clouds Away

When Bob finally tired of recording cheesy faux-country ballads, corny jazz numbers, and flaccid pop tunes, he wrote the acid-rock banger that is Neptune’s Sea (just do your best to forgive his regrettable decision to sing over it).

Hall & Reasons – Spaceship

As unearthing previously overlooked privately pressed LPs becomes increasingly en vogue, collectors often fall prey to something akin to “needle-drop” syndrome. It’s too often tempting to evaluate a new acquisition with a hasty, if not faulty ear. While this sometimes works unduly in a record’s favor (for example, see the inexplicable fawning over Boscoe by […]

Quinn Harris – My Mother Said

Sometime between the late ’70s, when he recorded Statements, and the late ’80s, when My Mother Said was released, Quinn Harris lost his mojo. I want to say that this LP isn’t all bad, I mean, it could possibly be of some interest to fans of cheesy, Christian modern soul, but to say that it […]

Yamaha Junior Original – ’72

I’m not going to go into the differences between the cultures of Japan and the United States, specifically in the realm of education, but suffice it to say that they’re different. Very different. The Yamaha Music Education System exists to create accomplished musicians at a young age and bring out the full potential of musical […]

Mark Perry – Snappy Turns

Mark Perry became an essential figure in the early UK punk scene in 1976, when he quit his day job as a bank teller to start the first, and likely most influential, British punk zine, Sniffin’ Glue (named for the Ramone’s “Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue,” Perry’s first introduction to punk rock). Less than […]

Rick Stanley – Song of Life

Rick Stanley’s musical presence in the late 60s was ethereal at best, with his most prominent recording garnering no less than three of Pokora’s coveted stars. The Gentle Soul’s (Rick Stanley and vocalist Pamela Polland) self-titled release boasted an association with Jackson Browne, Ry Cooder and Terry Melcher, and secured its place in the annals […]