Author – william burrows

Impossible Theater and John Schneider – Social Amnesia

Just over a hour and twenty minutes long, this double lp from 1986 is the soundtrack to the Impossible Theater’s performance of their “live movie” Social Amneisa. The soundtrack is made up of the majority (if not all) of the dialouge from the performance as well as songs written and arranged by the Impossible Theater […]


Perhaps the most peculiar release on SKYE. It poses the listener with the question “What good is a cutting edge computer company without a pride inducing company song book?” On this record you will find songs with titles like “Hail to the IBM” and odes to IBM’s then president Thomas J. Watson to the tune […]

Colby’s Missing Memory

Colby is a robot who’s programmer input the entire Bible into his memory. When Colby gets excited about a particular verse from the Bible he makes a song out of it. Colby’s memory goes missing when an anti-robot member of the group of Colby’s friends Nick twists some dials on Colby which deletes his concept […]

Max S. Sadove, M.D. – Management of the Insomniac

Released in 1960, this is the first CIBA clinical record issued by CIBA Pharmaceutical Products in N.J. and is meant to be “an audio-visual journal devoted to postgraduate reviews of diagnosis and therapeutics.” In his day (and at the time of this recording) Max S. Sadove was rocking out as an anesthesiologist at the University […]