Baquen! – Sensational Sound of Screen Music

It took me a while before I noticed the pink female torso holding a gun underneith Sean Connery’s posterized face. The lack of priorities and absence of focus on this cover is somehow exemplary for the record itself. Some cool and some uncool tunes have been treated by the strange combo of drums, flute, oboe, bass, organ and a decidedly fierce guitar. Lots of soundeffects were added to the mix too. But the FX and the bold garage guitar can’t help that every song is deaded in some way or another. One track might burst into a cheery kids theme after a mega cool intro, another might be something if it wasn’t for the militaristic drums. And thus another perfectly useless album was added to my collection. It’s still fun though and it’s being filed without regrets. From Japan, 1967.

Listen to Thunderbirds and/or to Come On Down Tommy Boat


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