Becky Stewart and Midge Robertson: Two Sent

Private Christian record from my current home of Santa Rosa, CA (I think). On the whole this lp is less than spectacular, but I have an almost unhealthy obsession with a track on it called “Those Who Wait Upon the Lord”. It’s a song of divine beauty and a reminder of why I continue to bring home stacks of horrible Christian garbage trying to get a fix like this. That the rest of the album is pretty mediocre almost drives me to madness. But, if the whole thing were as totally inspired it might possibly be too much for me to handle. I might have go join a monastery or something. Perhaps it’s best this way…


  • fantastique!!!

  • Since I grew up with Becky and Midge, I think the album is awesome. I know the hard work and devotion that went into it’s making. Maybe I’m prejudiced. Maybe the music is a little too mild for some people. Not like the christian music today. But, remember…this album was made back in the ’70’s. If you love the Lord, you gotta love the music…

  • Thank you SO much for posting this. Two Sent played at my church in the ’70s when I was growing up and my family bought their album. I listened to it so much and absolutely loved this track and am SO happy to find your link to it again – 30+ years later. I just happened to google for it today to cheer a friend with a serious illness and am so thrilled to have found this. Thanks again.

  • Hi! I am the composer of “They that Wait upon the Lord”. Glad it’s still being enjoyed! I am still writing, ministering in music, singing and playing! It just comes naturally, thank God! I may do another albumn in the near future. This song, They that wait, was my first hit, and God gave it to me when I was 14. Most of my music is “inspired”, and written within minutes when it comes to me.Thanks again for letting me know how much you’ve enjoyed the song! I want no more of my life than to be used by God!

  • Hello Becky and Midge. I was privileged to meet you through my friend Rick Riso, our mutual friend back in the day. After meeting you both, you were invited to sing in my father’s church, Calvary Baptist in Sacramento in either ’73 or ’74 when you were promoting your album. I attended your wedding and have fond memories of the beautiful church in Santa Rosa. With your permission my friend Kim Moore and I sang a few of your songs at Fiddlers Conventions and local churches…we sounded amazingly like you. Kim on guitar singing Becky’s part and me singing Midge’s part. haha. I still have your LP and will always keep it with fond memories. I don’t play it any longer because we no longer use our turntable. I taped it many years ago to listen in the car and now at home. I’ve looked for your album hoping it’s available on iTunes but it’s not. I’d love to download it. I wish I could purchase it on CD but guess back then it was only on cassette tape. I do enjoy all the scratchy sounds on my LP because it shows all the wear and tear from all these 40 years of listening to it on record/tape. Of course, I sing along to every word… I think you harmonize so beautifully and loved Becky on the piano with you, Midge, singing by close to her at my church. I feel privileged to have seen you and become friends through Rick. I was excited finding this on Google. Your songs and even hearing Rick in the background on one of your songs still thrills me. All my love and gratitude all these years. Carol

  • Am I missing something; I see the one song that I am able to play, but I would love to hear the whole album again; it ministered so much to me back in 1978!

  • This album helped shape my walk with the Lord shortly after I became a Christian. Where can I listen to the rest of it? Not sure whatever happened to my LP.

  • Nice to know God is still using this. Perhaps we can post this on itunes. I’ll have our IT guy look into it.
    Be Blessed!

    Becky Stewart Wynia

  • This is beautiful. How can i get a recording?

  • Is this album available on CD? I’very been searching high and low for this album and it’s been so hard. I’very listened to these songs since I was very young in the late 70’s. Can you direct me to where I can get the songs, please?

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