Bernard Fevre – The Strange World of Bernard Fevre

File under: late 70’s science-fiction-themed after school special background music. This is one of the last releases on the great L’Illustration Musicale label; an “all electronic” album, as the back cover states. A top late 70’s electronic library (well, to me at least) — spacy moogs, clavinet, and analog drum machines. Fevre was also half of “Black Devil,” an electronic disco group (the other half being part-time labelmate and overall library big-dude Jacky Giordano). They recorded one LP in the late 70’s which, going by the cover looks like a winner.

Bernard Fevre – Monster Laboratory
Bernard Fevre – Restless
Bernard Fevre – Expectation


  • hey mate.

    contact me if you want to trade for this.

    Check my other ims.

  • Bernie fevre will be playing live as the ‘black devil disco club’ at Clone party Nov 9th Rotterdam/ Holland.

    other guest this evening are Egyptian lover and Farley Jack Master Funk. Should be a good night.

  • Hey ed,

    where do get you vinyl’s from man? I just starting to collect library, but vinyl’s from IM ect. are hard to find. Is there a shop online that sells this sort of stuff. Or is any shops in London that may stock some library like this? By the way sermad herd your set on jazzman you killed it mate. If anyone here knows any good outlets or spots online to check out I would be very grateful. Cheers everyone and keep it weird!

  • Great.. i like the wrinkle like a water there.. hRm.. would like to know more about this!!
    send me an email for the product here!!

  • 23RD ISSUE ?

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