Bhagavan Das – Swaha

Private press hippie commune stuff by guru dude Bhagavan Das. Unfortunately, three fourths of this double lp is the clan “getting their Om on” which I find somewhat less than compelling. I believe it is an honest and respectful attempt at traditional Indian music but it really does not work very well as far as I’m concerned. Call me a purist but I’d much rather hear badly recorded sacred chants by a 104 year old man in a grass hut. There is also about a side worth of songs firmly in a more westernized Folk/Psych vein. These few tracks make the album worthwhile in my opinion, but they also really make you wish for more. Overall it’s an interesting lp that I would tentatively recommend. Check out the much better & more positive Lama review @ Lysergia for a better idea though.

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  • Why do you care whether the sound engineer is 104 and in an ethnic housing unit?

  • hahaha! I just read that back… raises an interesting point though, huh?

  • i like this guy…i just thrifted a ’78 pressing on Pacific Arts of “AH” (it says on the label “first pressing”) of what appears to be sides 2 & 3 of his ’72 double LP “AH”…but what makes it awesome is that the front cover reuses the same picture of him as a dreadlocked hippy singing on the beach, but the back cover says “Kermit Michael Riggs” instead of Bhagavan Das and has a picture of him with short blonde hair, a Gregg Allman mustache, Malcom X glasses and a 3-piece tan suit standing in a parking lot full of vans. WTF??

  • If you’d like to read the whole story, check out Bhagavan Das’ (ne Kermit Michael Riggs) autobiography, _It’s Still Here (Are You)?_ It’s a real page-turner about a life lived WAY out of bounds!

  • This wonderfull Swaha is available on Baba’s European website, 2 cd set with very nice art-work!
    You can also find good pictures of Baba, first European tour and also other Eropean events and some rare pictures.
    Any question about my spiritual master are very welcome!

    Jai Kali Ma, Ganapathi Das

  • By the Way, this second AH album wich was released in 1978, was actually released with a different front cover. But when nobody bought a copy the front was renewed with this AH sticker!
    It is a real sought after record now and it is getting more expensive every year!

    Jai Kali Ma, Ganapathi Das

  • Cool, bluesy tune.

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