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George Kelly Band

One of my favorite finds this summer was this classy vanity lounge LP on the mysterious SAMHOT label which also boasts the legendary Gordon Thomas. There are some strange similarities between the two men’s vocal styles, and also a persuasion for singing odes to their favorite girls. I decided to post this one up now […]

Ronnie Anderson – The Generation Gap

This rules!! Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t detect a shred of humor here. I think, this is dead serious. In any case, I know the readers here, myself included deal with alot of these problems on a regular basis, and will find this song (?) PSA (?) funeral march (?) prescient. Listen

Edna Mae Henning

Welcome to the magical world of Edna Mae Henning. A very special country singer from rural Pennsylvania. She is in many ways what I had always dreamed of in an older woman singing good ol’ fashioned country music. She has a way of capturing the soul of what is truly wonderful about the world around […]

Bernie, Bill, and Charlie

Easily one of my best scores this year were two cassettes by this homegrown basement folk trio out of Peekskill, NY. I met Bernie while hiking the Appalachian Trail this summer, at the Greymoor Monastery for Franciscan Monks. He was painting the shelter they provide there for hikers when I walked up. He had a […]

Clem Hutchins – White Cloud

Fantastic outsider country dig from Louisiana or Texas. I can’t remember. Clem sounds like a combination between Old Man Death and an ancient Indian Shaman. He has Moondog-like percussion rumbling under a strumming guitar as he belts out a weird ode to the afterlife all in mystical metaphors. Unearthly wild stuff. The flip is like […]


Frozen tundra garage 45 that is totally inept and wonderful. I should really post all the songs, but I only have “Mr. Twist” digitized. Anybody know of any other releases from the “Kajak” label? The vocals are out of control, and I think in English ? maybe ? “Ah Meester Tweeest Ya Tweeeeest!!!!” Wish they […]


Vermont AOR dork rock supreme. Like the kind of band you could only hope to be playing at your local roller rink after the disco crowd had moved out. Has to be heard. She’s Just a Memory

Ronald et Ronald

Leave it to the French to produce quite possibly the single most annoying children’s 7″. EVER. I dare you to listen to these two songs. In their entirety. Is it a voice? Are they robotic chickens? How are they singing about a Pussycat? WHAT THE FUCK? Couac Couac Pussycat