Author – plkbryn

Marj Snyder – A Time of Peace

Marj Snyder is seventeen years old and a junior at San Lorenzo Highschool in Felton, California. She lives in the beautiful community of Mt. Hermon, which is located in the Santa Cruz mountains. She has sung extensively for Young life week-end camps and clubs, numerous churches in the San Francisco Bay Area, the Mt. Hermon […]

Collie Ryan – Indian Harvest

No apology is offered for the depth of silence required to hear these songs. Larry Creech, New Age Farms “Prairie Day Lady”

Laura-Beth Cinquini – The Mystery of His Love

Laura-Beth desires to honor and glorify God by singing of His infinite love. Simple and pure are these songs which speak of His plan and promises. As a believer in them, Laura-Beth considers the verses from Isaiah 12 to be the focus of life. “Be My Side”

Caterina Casselli – Bagnata Come un Pulcino

The entrepreneurial biography of Caterina Caselli cannot go disgiunta from her artistic biography. The same passion that moves her, the same energy, the same suffering participant, the same stubborn engagement in the search of the best in a field, that one of contemporary popular music, where if it is true that fatturato it is bello […]

Vladimir Cosma – Enfance

“I hear you still buy records, what kind of music do you like?” “Well, lately I’ve been listening to this odd electro-medieval-kiddie record.” ” Oh . . . silly me, I still haven’t said hi to the host yet. Nice to meet you.” Listen

Luie Luie – Touchy

Voted the most talented solider in the US Army, Luie Luie is one brilliantly demented guy. This is a concept album of sorts about “dances” known as “Touchys” that involve, you guessed it, touching people. Some may disagree, but Luie believes that “It is a wonderful idea for people to get together and touch.” Although […]

The Sapphire Thinkers – From Within

Very nice west coast sunshine psych out of LA with all the right ingredients — organ, fuzz, flute, male/female vocals, cool harmonies, etc. Recorded by Sandy Lehmann-Haupt, an original Merry Prankster and sound man on the Pranksters’ bus. Quality from start to finish. And yes, those are mushrooms on the cover. Listen

Mike Selesia – Flavor

This is cool jazz album all the way around. From the black and white hand drawn cover (with its apparent nod to Van Gogh’s self portraits and house paintings) to the fact that it came out of Fresno, CA (not exactly a hotbed for jazz) to the handful of styles present (straight ahead, funky, free, […]

Claude Vasori – Cocktail d’Images

Musique Pour l’Image was a small library label based out of Paris founded by pianist Robert Vigier in 1968. The label is popular with library fiends due to the fantanstic cover art and, more importantly, the high quality music. Almost all of the MPI albums I’ve seen feature black and white covers, and many, such […]

The Crazy People – Bedlam

Where to begin with this one? I think the idea here was to create a psych-sploitation novelty album for the “current campus scene (Freaks)” to ponder over after they smoked some weak grass. Instead, the result is unintended brilliance. What we have here is uninterrupted musique concrete-psych-madness — snippets of psych, folk, poetry, garage, soul, […]

Louise Forestier – La Douce Emma

Louise Forestier strikes me as the edgy French Canadian counterpart to the more wholesome Nancy Priddy. Both recorded really cool psych tinged “pop” albums in the late 60s and had acting careers (Forestier chose the stage while Priddy pursued TV.) But unlike Priddy, I suspect that Forestier listened to a lot more Nico which is […]

David Kelsey – Flights of Fancy

Private press pipe organ/sythnesizer instrumental lp with a subtle PNP vibe. Tracks include “The Man I Love,” “I’ve Got My Eyes On You,” and “Marijuana.”

Bob Tryforos – Guitarist

Finger-picking folk meets Scott Joplin rags. Bob was an early disciple of John Fahey and cut this lp during “the height of the Joplin revival,” which apparently happened in 1972. Despite the inevitable comparison, Bob seems comfortable in his role as Fahey protege and plays with a lot of heart. His execution is less than […]

Hansadutta Swami – The Vision

A German named Hans Kary moves to Berkeley, experiences a vision, and becomes a devotee of Krishna. He then changes his name to Hansadutta Swami, starts wearing aviator shades, and becomes a traveling monk playing bad folk.

Guem et Zaka Percussion – S/T

Born to Nigerian parents brought to Algeria, percussionist Guem grew up playing traditional music and trance rhythms from an early age. His family soon initiated him into the secrets of the diwan–ceremonies where many of the participants enter a state of trance. The influence of the diwan is fully evident in this mellow and beautifully […]

Elaine Kibaro – au Soleil

I found this record in Paris last fall for one euro. I nearly flipped when I noticed the Eye of Fatima on the cover (hard to see in the photo but look at her hands). I was convinced that I had scored some amazing French hippie goddess folk gem. As my vacation went on, I […]

San Ul Lim – 2

This is top notch psychedelia from a Korean trio who gets the job done: fuzzed out guitar, deep bass, tight drums, organ that never goes wrong, and singing that is absolutely off the chain. The whole thing has a sparse groove with the bass and drums chugging along underneath some pretty mental guitar, and the […]