Graciela Susana – Adoro, La Reine De Saba

From what I can Google, Graciela Susana is an Argentinian singer who had a fair bit of success singing in Japanese for the Japan market in the 70s. This LP mixes more traditional pop fare with sparse latin/folk stylings. It’s a mixture of traditional songs and tracks written by Japanese writers which is pretty listenable […]

Duo Ouro Negro – Pata Pata

During my recent travel to Portugal I had quite some records of this group in my hands. I usually checked them out because of their cover art but most of the times the musical content was disappointing. After I already filed them in the don’t bother with section I gave two more 45s which I […]

Black & White – Samba-Soul-Beat

It’s not immediately clear to me what the correct name of this German group is. The graphic design leaves you the choice whether it’s Daniela und Ann or Black & White. I’ll take the latter. I’ve had the record for a while and always liked the music. Rumour has it the two girls, refered to […]

Ximo & Judy – Via Brasil

I quite often go to flea markets, in the summer even as often as once a week. Nevertheless I never seem to find any good records on flea markets. Don’t ask me why. This record is a exception to this rule though. It was released on the tiny German Rillenschlange label in 1982. I heard […]

Tuca – S/T

This Brasilian album from 1968 is suprisingly unknown and probably pretty rare. You wonder for what reason since it’s such an excellent bossa nova record. Tuca displays a nice feel for understatement in her voice and although a portion of the material is in a breezy mood, the blackness of the cover can be felt […]

Ronie & Central Do Brasil – s/t

Ronie Mesquita is most known for his stint as the replacement drummer of Bossa Tres, the group led by the great Luis Carlos Vinhas. Tempted by the lures of the bossa nova boom in America, and partly to escape the newly installed, US funded military regime, he along with many of his contemporaries went abroad […]