Music from the continent where dudes wear weird bathing suits.

Les Bardanes – Vers l’homme, Gospel Night N.4

Right people, like with my last post, if you want the sound clip you have to patiently plug into my webpage and hear mix 1 at I have this propensity I can’t shake for sonic and sensual overload and I totally recognise that one of my biggest faults is overuse of the tape echo function on […]

Pax Quartet – Merveilles

Christian records of interest are not that common in France, but this one has something special. This is the second Pax Quartet LP to be reviewed on Waxidermy and just like the first one, this LP has one vocal and one instrumental side but Pop/Folk oriented instead of Jazz. The “Folk” tracks are not really […]

Alojz Bouda – Synthesizer Sound

This is a totally common record from Slovakia that has pretty bad synthesizer pop tunes. One track is insane however. It’s the track that’s called Random and according to the sleeve, here Alojz explores the possibilities of the synthesizer playing on it’s own. I wish the synthesizer had played on it’s own for the entire […]

Caterina Casselli – Bagnata Come un Pulcino

The entrepreneurial biography of Caterina Caselli cannot go disgiunta from her artistic biography. The same passion that moves her, the same energy, the same suffering participant, the same stubborn engagement in the search of the best in a field, that one of contemporary popular music, where if it is true that fatturato it is bello […]

The Lemon Dips – Who’s Gonna Buy

The best library LP i found for 1 euro, released on De wolfe in the end of the 60s, this one is not the instrumental library LP you can often find on KPM or De Wolfe. This one is a record by an unknown british garage-psych band who can be compared with “The Deviants”. Side […]

Philippe Nicaud – Erotico…Nicaud

With an artwork by the famous painter “Aslan”, this one is my french Holy Grail. The music is as good as the cover. Philippe Nicaud is a french comedian from the sixties who acted in wack parisian plays. The music go from bossa to jerk or funk orchestra. Nicaud doesn’t sing he speaks, the lyrics are […]

Vladimir Cosma – Enfance

“I hear you still buy records, what kind of music do you like?” “Well, lately I’ve been listening to this odd electro-medieval-kiddie record.” ” Oh . . . silly me, I still haven’t said hi to the host yet. Nice to meet you.” Listen

Pesnyary – Belarussian Pop Music

According to my math professor (who acted as translator), Pesnyary were a popular Belarussian pop/folk group. Upon further researching, this album, released in 1978, was an attempt to blend Belarussian folk music with the 10-years-too-late emerging pop/psych/garage scene in the USSR. While many will find it difficult to get over the singing, I think there […]

Kobza – S/T

Unfortunately waxidermy lacks the right character set so the title is obviously wrong. This is a Canadian pressing of a Ukranian folk/psych album, however all the information is written in Ukranian so there’s not much I can say. I’ll simply quote a recent ebay description: “GREAT MAGIC SOUND RECORD!!!!!!” The music is all over the […]