New Age

The soundtrack to the Marin County, CA hot-tub scene circa 1980, and beyond…

Master Wilburn Burchette’s – psychic meditation music

This record consists of two 18 minute cosmic new age tracks entitled “yin” and “yang”. From the liner notes: Observe and become aware of the music as a flow of pure feeling. Allow the music to touch you so that you may feel and become aware. Let it penetrate to your psychic self. DO NOT […]

Steve Halpern – Christening for Listening

Kind of a confusing record ’cause there are two nearly identical versions, but one is missing the best track “Something For Every-Body Suite”. For the most part though, both versions are almost identical to Halpern’s classic “Spectrum Suite”, which can surely be found in a dollar bin near you. Confused? OK, so here is the […]

Craig Kupka – Crystals

Follow up to his “Clouds” lp. Same deal here – music intended to be played in old folks homes & drug rehab clinics. This one is all echoed out trombones, or at least one whole side is. I like Clouds a bit better, but this one is still very, very cool.

Seastones – s/t

Electronic ambient album featuring Phil Lesh, Jerry Garcia, David Crosby and Grace Slick. This album is so mellow I usually drift off and fall asleep half way through. And I mean that in a good way. This record is a trip.

Craig Kupka – Clouds

First of all, I’d just like to say that I celebrate this dude’s entire catalog. But, this may very well be my favorite. I believe I once described this to a friend as Brian Eno meets spiritual jazz. Released on Folkways in 1981 or so, this along with it’s sister album “Crystals” was intended as […]