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Deep stuff. Real deep.

Andy Pratt – Records Are Like Life

Brian Cullman recommended this artist to me as someone that he remembered being great. He said that the record to get was his 1973 self-titled Columbia lp. After looking him up online, I found that he is now active as a rock musician again after many years as a Christian artist. His website has all […]

Kurt Van Arsdel – Golden Loneliness

Private press californian gospel LP from 1981. On the back cover Van Arsdel looked so much like the bearded Dennis Wilson that I had to give it a spin. I know this is the first pressing because it says so on the label, helpful. You can google Kurt van Arsdel and find his webpage, but […]

Kathy Fire – Songs Of Fire

This record will catch you off your guard. Put up your usual bias against radical feminist records, flex your hatred of 3rd-wave feminism, despise your own insecurity about all things political, and you will do what most people do when they see this record: laugh and put it back. Certainly when I read about this […]

Brian Cullman

Here’s a great lost AOR release from Brian Cullman. Thanks to Dave at Friends of Sound for again appealing to my taste for a poor man’s Al Stewart. This fit the bill quite nicely. Check out the composer himself on the back, pouring a glass of some fine spirit with a flair that’s sets off […]

Jacobs Ladder: If I Had A Wish

Bay area lp that I will tentatively say is interesting. I’m mostly posting this to get “Fist” Goodbody off the home page though… so please forgive me if this is not quite Waxidermy’s finest hour. Anyhow, back sleeve credits seem to allude to this being more of a guy than a band… so I guess […]

Sandy Hurvitz: Sandy’s Album Is Here At Last!

I grew up going to this crappy record shop in Orange County, Ca called “Pepperland”. You guessed it, the owner was Beatlemaniac. Scary. But, in the back, if you were not afraid to get dirty and look like a deranged sex fiend, there were a lot of records. This is the kind of place that […]

Dwayne Cannan – Spare Change

The first thing that came to mind when I saw this album was downtown. Dwayne is on the cover, carrying his guitar, coming out of an age-old telephone booth with the album name below him… Spare Change. You flip to the back-cover and see song titles like The Gutter Man, Lady, The Drifter, Cocaine Katie, […]

Country Comfort – We Are the Children

The kind folks at Friends of Sound here in Austin, TX recommended this to me as a two or three tracker from Hawaii. Fortunately, Country Comfort’s songs sound very similar and it’s more like a four to six tracker. They do a great cover of ‘Make It With You’ and an original called ‘To be […]

Crow Johnson – S/T

I got this along w/ 99 other records for 10$ in a bulk box deal that a book store often offers here in town. Her signature drew me in, reading her little comment. She seems really cool; ‘Crow’ still plays and is well-known within modern folk circles. Check out the first two tunes to get […]

Marlin Wallace and The Corillions – Double Album

The record i can’t shut the f up about, hearing it now is as exciting as the first time. Real deal hobo troubadour diy songwriter, arranger, producer, guitar picker & occasional singer, Mr Wallace is a driven soul. Recorded in Springfield MO in 1980, only a few of the pressing were sold at the time. […]

Julie Budd – Child of Plenty

This one might already be known to many people on here but it wasn’t known to me.  Another blind buy (based on seeing there was a cover of “People Are Strange” and the totally cool photo of Julie on the back) and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised.  The cover of People […]

Linda Rich: There’s More To Living Than I Know So Far

Linda Rich’s first lp on the Chicago based IVR label from 1969 is an amazingly beautiful set of original xian folk-pop. Outstanding sparse production, excellent songwriting, and Linda’s understated, yet confident vocals make this a record that reaches way beyond any kind of novelty factor often used to “handicap” Christian records. In fact, like many […]

Ron McFarlin / self-titled 3rd LP

Any discussion of Hollywood-based country rocker Ron McFarlin by a snotty record collector like myself will get around to Kenneth Higney comparisons pretty quickly. Same burnt, boozy sound; same peculiar sense of rhythm; similar downer lyrics that don’t always make sense; hell, they even look alike. Well, there’s only one Higney, but I like Ron […]

Marj Snyder – A Time of Peace

Marj Snyder is seventeen years old and a junior at San Lorenzo Highschool in Felton, California. She lives in the beautiful community of Mt. Hermon, which is located in the Santa Cruz mountains. She has sung extensively for Young life week-end camps and clubs, numerous churches in the San Francisco Bay Area, the Mt. Hermon […]

Collie Ryan – Indian Harvest

No apology is offered for the depth of silence required to hear these songs. Larry Creech, New Age Farms “Prairie Day Lady”

Laura-Beth Cinquini – The Mystery of His Love

Laura-Beth desires to honor and glorify God by singing of His infinite love. Simple and pure are these songs which speak of His plan and promises. As a believer in them, Laura-Beth considers the verses from Isaiah 12 to be the focus of life. “Be My Side”

Ric Masten: Windows

I had no idea who Ric Masten was when I found this a few months ago at some dank little Christain thrift shop. Brought it home with a big pile of Jesus folk records I bought that day and was completely impressed by it. Anyhow, I looked him up on the net (Ric has his […]

Hall & Reasons – Spaceship

As unearthing previously overlooked privately pressed LPs becomes increasingly en vogue, collectors often fall prey to something akin to “needle-drop” syndrome. It’s too often tempting to evaluate a new acquisition with a hasty, if not faulty ear. While this sometimes works unduly in a record’s favor (for example, see the inexplicable fawning over Boscoe by […]

Randy Sharp: First in Line

I like country music. Those sad songs that end with heartbreak, a sixer of Budweiser on the lap, and mans best friend in the passenger seat. I’ve sang “On the Road Again” so many times in my head and outloud during a trip that I can sing most of the song word for word. Like […]

Bob Hurd: Bless the Lord

Good private press singer songwriter Jesus man lp from 1976. Low key and acoustic with a sparse, introspective feel on the best cuts. The Christian lyrics do come close to being overbearing at times though. One thing I found funny about this record though is that he goes on a tirade against home taping in […]

Mossy Davidson – northwind calling

Here’s a double lp by Mairiis “Mossy” Davidson on the small label “north woods”. This was recorded in Anchorage, Alaska and Seattle, Washington. This is a nice rural femme folk lp with a really mellow vibe to it. Mossy’s delicate vocals and acoustic playing are accompanied by recorders, the homestead flute, piano and steel guitar. […]

John Fischer – The Cold Cathedral

Really solid Xian folk/pop lp from late 60’s West Covina, CA. Seriously, this guy could kick both Jonathan & Charles’ ass’ & still have the strength left to sit down & write a nice jazzy Jesus folk ballad about it. I know it is the spirit of the times to call stuff like this “psych”, […]