Experiencia – Passo a Passo

I bought this LP in Lissabon some eight years ago. I’d never seen it before or since. Rock is not my expertise, but it seems to me this is a record that should be better known. I’m afraid it’s really rare though. They play folk-funk with some latin-rock influences, cool percussion in the mix. It makes me wonder if there was more of this in seventies Portugal. My guess would be 1972. A couple of tracks are pretty killer, great songs and played in just the right way, sounding just exotic enough like the sub-tropical garden on the cover. I’d be happy to hear more about this record and whether it’s “known.” Didn’t know exactly under which categories to put it so please to comment.

Listen to: passo a passo

Listen to: pequeno-poema

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  • I bought this record three years ago and its so damn good. Progressive rock with Latin rhythm roots, great harmonies. Its nice to find someone else who appreciate this album.

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