Sounds Of Self-Hypnosis Through Relaxation

There’s a lot of words I would use to describe the folkways catalog. But sexy is not one of them. Despite being a rather handsome man himself, Mo Asch resisted the allure of the sexy. And this is probably a good approach for recording the music of indigenous peoples. The Murat musicians of North Borneo can do just fine without hot pants thank you very much.

But unsexiness seems counterintuitive to self-hypnosis relaxation. How’s your boy ever going to relax with some decrepit old lady demanding it? Lee R. Steiner may be a certified psychologist, but i heard she failed her exam for sexy certification. I need some smooth loving if I’m going to take it there. The Smithsonian needs to get a Paris Hilton type on the ’06 remix if they ever want to move some real units.

That said, when I put myself up to it, I found Steiner’s technique to actually be pretty effective According to her, if my eyes were moist the hypnosis was was a success. My eyes were very moist. I did briefly break hypnosis to giggle like a twelve year old during this passage, but I still managed to suggest myself into writing this review.


  • I’ll never get an erection again.

  • Are you sure? We’ll have to talk about that on radio show.

  • I knew Lee when she was practicing, and I can assure you that she was indeed very sexy! Even her Schnauzers were sexy!!

  • I got totally addicted to your site, it’s incredible!
    please i desperately need a digital rip of this album, the sample here just stuck into my mind (hypnosis works apparently!)………do you think you can do it?
    keep up the amazing work, this is really how a blog should be done!

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