Board Of Directors – Happy/Hanging Tough

This 12″ single was released on the Record Symphony Corporation label out of Brooklyn in 1978. The A side is titled ‘Happy’ & is sung by KC Stewart while the B side is an instrumental titled ‘Hanging Tough’. This 12″ plays at 33 not 45 so you get a complete 7:00 disco jam in ‘Happy’ with three drum breaks that feature bongos, bells & plenty of kick & open hi-hat action. ‘Hanging Tough’ for me is a nicer track that is in more of a disco/jazz/funk vein. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be much information readily available on this release other than what is provided on the label, so I can tell you that the label proudly states that this record is a V. Traina mix. Also, it is mis-labeled, with the record being pressed with ‘Hanging Tough’ having the A Side matrix in the dead wax but the label is clear that ‘Happy’ was intended to be the A side track. Weird. Apparently this 12″ is either pretty hard to come by, sought after, or a bit of both.

All three of the copies I have seen were all owned by the same person, who wrote her name in ball-point pen on both sides of the label of each copy, as well as both sides of the generic white 12″ sleeve. But by the looks of the vinyl she never actually played them. Which seems a little strange considering that they are both perfectly acceptable examples of late 70s disco & judging by the rest of the records in her collection (yes each all hideously autographed multiple times) was just her sort of sound.

Unfortunately not a genre that falls into the realm of my musical appreciation, but it is nice to find something different every once in a while.

Thanks Kathy Konkel, you were bound to never lose a record ever…….

Board Of Directors – Hanging Tough.mp3

Board Of Directors – Happy.mp3


  • i think kathy konkel is dead.

    we found about 20 or so of those kathy konkel copies. all mislabeled. hanging tough is the cut fo sho.

    lucky find. probably the best record i’ve heard on that label.

  • Hey
    Where did you find the 20 copies? Why on earth would she write all over 20+ copies of the same record?? Apparently the mis-labeled version is the original press, there is a 2nd press with the labels corrected & a slightly different type layout. Rare record, I just flipped all 3 copies I had for $$$.