Bobb Trimble / Iron Curtain Innocence

If you were in punked out Wormtown (aka Worcester, MA) in the early 80s you might have known Bobb Trimble as the out of touch Monkees / Cheap Trick / Elvis Costello / and BEATLES fan who also enjoyed the Three Stooges and The Wizard of Oz, who made strange, haunted music that had almost nothing to do with the punked out Wormtown scene.

Bobb Trimble’s sound is truly psychedelic, but it also reflects the technology and spirit of that time. On my first listening it was totally alien yet utterly familiar, like something I’d already heard in my dreams.

Today his legend continues to grow, and hopefully 2006 will see legal vinyl and cd reissues of both his albums, and Bobb will join Vashti Bunyan, Linda Perhacs and Nick Drake in the pantheon of the great rediscoveries, cause that’s how good this stuff is.

Here’s a track: Through My Eyes


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