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Bobby And Betty Go To The Moon

Way in the future, 1985, these 2 kids are the first to fly solo to the moon. Loads of fun science facts and cheesy effects, girls don’t care much for engineering in the future, where scientists sound like cheap impersonations of Bela & Boris. More fun on side two, tame library versions of soul and rock are given the outer space treatment. I look forward to this 1985 they speak of. listen –story time then dance time


  • i have a record with the songs unedited as well…perhaps on alshire? “the soul symphony plays soul hits” i believe. cover model appears to be a white woman painted…greenish brown.

  • Easily the best record of its kind… Magical.

  • This is amazing!
    What a find.
    That dance time track is “out of this world”!!

  • Some samples appear on the 1998 ISAN 7″ “betty´s lament” on Bad Jazz records.

  • That’s great! I always use the ship countdown as an intro to tracks…10…9…8..

  • joining the party late…the tracks are no longer available?

  • I bought this for 50p or less in the 70’s. I gave several copies away as birthday presents, because I knew my daft friends would appreciate it. Wish I’d kept one for myself now. The cover alone is worth keeping.

  • Petey Wheatstraw

    I’ve heard this disc often in ‘weird and funny’ record blog posts. It wonderfully demonstrates the optimism, sweetness, and innocence of the past.

  • Man, what a classic. I’ve owned this for years and am amazed anyone knows about it – side one is where NASA spends millions to send two kids to the moon. Once there with no apparent way to get home, the mission control folks crank up the dance music. It’s crazy y’all! Highly recommended.

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