Bobby Brown – Live

I originally bought this to trade/sell but it eventually grew on me after playing it during a late-night discussion with a special lady. Bobby Brown is a multi-instrumentalist and the ultimate in DIY. This album, whilst saying “Live” on the front, was actually recorded in his van to an audience consisting soley of his dog.

The album contains over 50 instruments (some of which were created and invented by Bobby) and in the time between this album and his first he has reduced the set-up time from 3 hours to 15 minutes. The music on the album I can’t really describe, but at certain points it makes me feel very nostalgic. I don’t know if it’s his voice (which can reach a total of 6 octave ranges) or the way he plays the harmonica, but it’s a great end-of-the-evening album.

Bobby Brown: “Hawaii”

Bobby Brown - Back


  • Look for “The Enlightening Beam of Axonda.” Trippier, but unfortunately he didn’t autograph all of those.

  • I like this music. Do you know if he has recorded others lps ?

  • He’s got two other lp’s.

  • I bought Axonda and this live disc on my honeymoon in a Lihue, Kauai thriftstore (thriftwarehouse?) in 2000 – what a score! Nice stuff, well recorded for DIY I would say. What an enigma of a guy though – I read he is from Sacremento originally? Anyone heard the 3rd LP? I agree with the author here – great end-of-the-evening music, and nice harmonica over his basslines.

  • Do you have any other recordings or know how I can get the Live album on mp3? I saw him several times at a county fair in California in 1978 and he was amazing. Thanks for any info you can give.

  • I was a very good friend of “Bobby Brown” when I lived in Laguna Beach in the 80’s and 90’s. I am trying to get in touch with him. There is no information on the internet. Does anyone know if he is still alive, where he lives, email, website or phone number. My name is Robby Whalley. He will want to talk to me. I live in Hawaii. Thanks for your help.

  • Being an avid fan of Bobby since picking up the limited reissue back in ’82 (?), where sadly I lost the vinyl ended up picking up the CD version. I downloaded a copy of Live from ‘Ford’ and listening to it now, on first listen it is my favorite. The harp is especially good, and the songs and singing fantastic. It is on the iPod, and I love the proper sound, with crackles!! Does anyone know where or how to get the ‘One Man Band’ Lp?

  • If a anyone has a way of finding Bobby Brown, let me know! Regarding his Prayers of a One Man Band, it’s a classic, my favorite record by him. Kind of like a DIY pet sounds/smile

  • Rob Whalley, I am also looking for Bobby Brown. I would love it if you would share with me what you do know based on when you last saw him.

    Send me an email

    This goes out to anyone who knows anything about Bobby Brown’s whereabouts! Purely good intentions here.

    Thank you
    Will Ivy

  • Per Will’s post above,
    Anyone have any luck or knowledge of Bobby’s whereabouts/contact info? Please get in touch…


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