Bobby Naughton Units – Understanding

This release came out in 1972 on Otic records. It’s one of those records I always revisit and hear something new and fresh everytime. The album is split into half originals and half Carla Bley songs. Naughton gets down on the vibes, piano and clavinet, Mario Pavone is on bass and nice clarinet interplay by Perry Robinson. Thanks to Andrew for hipping me to this lp. Check out a soundclip of the song “nital rock”.


  • Naughton’s LP titled ‘Nauxtagram’ (also on Otic) is also first-rate, though it has more of an aggressive freebop vibe to it. My kind of thing, for sure! Naughton (vibes) plus James Emery (electric guitar), Cleve Pozar (drums) and Wes Brown (bass).

  • this is very interesting. awesome cover, too. thanks.

  • I just got the “new” CD “Zoar,” but as I recall,
    understanding and DEFINITELY “The Haunt” are superior records. Why aren’t they on CD? Great, deep music, left to rot…OTIC put on “Zoar,” and both of those CDs are better. Anybody from OTIC?

  • Thank you, Jeremy, and Waxidermy, for posting Understanding here. Also thanks for the kind words from everybody about my music. Gordon, in response to your comments about The Haunt and Understanding, they are not on CD because the master tapes are not in my possession. I’m in the process of correcting that. Soon my website will be active where you’ll be able to get more information. I’ll let you know when. Thanks again. All the best, Bobby

  • Does anyone (Mr. Naughton?) know if the 1973 Japo release of Understanding was an official release? That’s what I have and I’m wondering if the sound quality substantially different from the Otic pressing..great record btw. thanks..

  • It’s official. It came out on Otic in ’71 and I licensed it to Japo in ’73. Both used the same films and tapes but it’s (German) ECM Records (Japo) versus (USA) Capital Records(Otic) for quality control. Sound quality may be a toss-up but ECM pressings are legendary. For the jacket the edge to Japo with better stock, lamination and durability. Japo pulled their catalog off the market circa 1978.

  • Ah..was unaware of the Japo/ECM connection. Mine sounds great. Thanks a lot. Again, a great work..

  • i would like to know if Richard Shaer is still a part of bobbys life

  • Wow. Just found this record in my collection, new in the packaging. Hesitant to open. E-mail me if interested in buying. d-malagon@hotmail

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