Brian Cullman

Here’s a great lost AOR release from Brian Cullman. Thanks to Dave at Friends of Sound for again appealing to my taste for a poor man’s Al Stewart. This fit the bill quite nicely. Check out the composer himself on the back, pouring a glass of some fine spirit with a flair that’s sets off his feathered hair and scarf. Smooth, yet edgy lyrics are included inside this plain white sleeve with a hand signed B&W sticker of a band photo taken amongst the ruins of Western Civilization. ‘Spare Wing’ is a great tune that really creeps up on you, the organ and guitar setting the mood. It’s a mood of apprehension yet full of longing, he “could surely use a spare wing”, possibly Chinese take-out?



  • Like that track…where is this from??

  • east coast somewheres…ken field plays sax on it and is the only reason it comes up on searches. he’s a session guy with a huge resume – this lp is the first entry!

  • i thought it was canada…
    pretty known lp amongst the jpz

  • wow! this review needs an addendum…i just stumbled across his myspace page. he’s still playing in new york. bob mould, vernon reid, and gary lucas are among his friends on his page. i also found a reference to a story told by brian about opening for nick drake!

  • Good lord! Who dug this one up! This was a very early and not very successful effort, never released (my choice…I actually had offers from polydor to release it, though they weren’t ready to give me the wherewithal to go back into the studio and do it right. Oh well. I’m still playing music these days, wrote & recorded the soundtrack to the film PADRE NUESTRO (which just won the grand prize at Sundance), finishing an album with my friend Glenn Patscha (from Ollabelle) helping out. Thanks for digging up my back pages, but please keep reading…. Brian

  • I must have missed this review earlier, but thanks to a current eBay auction I found it now… “Spare Wing” is an excellent track, and there seems to be some interest in the LP currently… Cullman just made it into the next Acid Archvies edition!

  • strange but true, that album (well, it was never really an album) plus some pretty good bonus tracks (with mark knopfler, rod argent, naux, many others helping out) just got released on a great little label in korea called big pink music. it’s out on amazon, probably other places for anyone interested. thanks!!!

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