C – Dream One / In 1 Ear

For 7 or 8 years in the 90s I was selling records with my brother. I’m not going to pretend to you I was knowing my sh1t inside and out, my tiny mind was baffled from raves and with 2 hemispheres like Swiss cheese now it is just impossible for me to retain all the info and the prices and everything. I’ve never owned a bona fide heavy funk 7″ in my life. But being a record dealer was just the most obvious cure for being a distracted student record collector with a scary loan debt.

Anyway, for a few years we had a nicely carved niche in 12s. This one here is an unassuming little piece of UK black gold from that time. It came from a collection owned by an acquaintance of mine in Glasgow well-known to anyone who was resident in that city and discovering acid house in the early 90s. I hope you’re OK George S. because I know it was hard for you selling up. You had a no-shit radar really going on for what was hot in 86-92. A tainted part of being a dealer is being asked to buy by proper music-lovers you know probably don’t really wanna sell. Yeah, one has to be slightly bread-head to do this but then you’re not going to be paternalistic towards the other guy either and spend the whole day sermonising at him to turn back from the abyss. So anyway, that is why this mysterious no-info cover carries the mark ‘Geo’. Respect. Contact me if you are out there and if you seriously need it back and we’ll see what we can do. I dropped this into mix 1 at my webpage to good effect (check it after the whale song and before Whip It) so I feel like I’ve assimilated it and I can part with it again, but only to the original owner.

The man in the chair would seem to be Karl Bonnie coming with a Renegade Soundwave side-project. The music has to be seen as a bassy undertow to the Ambient House wave and pre-dates (I think) ‘Little Fluffy Clouds’, so maybe this 12 planted a seed in the mindgarden of The Orb to produce a track with an American girl spoken vocal. We can use the word poetic for both but the fem force from Dream One spanks the other girl’s ass hard and afterwards there’s red handprints that we can all appreciate. The B-side is good too with the same girl (anyone any idea who?) giving a breathy, beleaguered and slightly bruised rant on the feminine condition. It would be just as good but it is a lot less bassy and the beats veer towards the lumpen territory. Anyone who has any info on the ‘Witch’ LP please post.

For a soundclip check 15 minutes into mix 1 at my page http://dr.lloyd.free.fr/


  • C was Leslie Wiener,I have her l.p it is in similar vein,and features Jah wobble,reccomend it.

  • “If i ask my doctor to many questions i´m neurotic an i need pills and if i like fucking i´m a whore” good line soft beat and great tripping story //PP

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