Casanova Jack and the Stardusters

River rafting private press country lounge band from Stanley, Idaho. Cover is one of my faves. Band picture is a stunner too.

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  • Bob-

    I may be able to help you with a copy of the album “Casanova Jack & The Stardusters”. I was raised in Stanley, Idaho and my step dad played in Jack’s band. I was literally raised by my folks in the Jacks’s Rod & Gun Club bar.

  • I think I have a tape somewhere. I was a river guide for the Boy Scouts in the early 1980s and bought the tape at the Rod and Gun Club Bar. Jack signed the cassette liner picture, “To Cousin Dan, my friend”, but one of my friends threw it out the window of a speeding car.

    Tracks include Triangle C, Whitewater, Captain Eldon Handy, River of No Return.

  • I am sitting in the Rod-N-Gun as I write this. A beautiful June evening. June 16th 2009 to be exact. The rights to sell My Brothers Album, (Casanova Jack) lies exclusively through me. I will have CD’s available very soon. All of the LP albums have been sold or given away to friends. We have music “at least every weekend throughout the summer and fall”, and this year My band, JR & Cheap-N-Easy will be appearing a few weekends once again this year, after a few years hiatus.

  • I literally drove by the Rod-n-Gun today. Stanley is one of the most beautiful places on earth.

  • remember the rod & gun club upstairs?
    bacon from shoshone idaho

  • Spent 4 summers in Stanley when I was a young boy 1958-62. My father worked uranium claims up basin creek,he had the road built there.Halverson brothers did dozer work.Glen and Nell Brewer owned rod-n-gun club then. We lived in a trailer in Joe and Nell Williams trailer park,closest one to river,directly acoss from Bill Wolleys ranch.Dan, his wife and their sons Dan and Bill lived there also. Great times growing up.I also met Casanova Jack a couple of times in the 70’s and early 80’s My uncle Abe Clark leased it in about 67 for the summer from Glen Brewer.

  • I worked for Jack in the 70’s and early 80’s at the Rod and Gun Club till his death. Mostly bouncing on the weekends. When I wasn’t working I was drinking there. The band is “Little Mary” on drums Jack’s wife at the time and bar manager, the good looking kid is Billy Williams on lead guitar and I can’t remember the name of the bass player. Those were some great times. Tennessee Ernie Ford came in one night with some fellas and sat and for about an hour until somebody recognized him and then he got up and sang a couple of songs with Jack, “Sixteen Tons” and “River of no Return.” He had a place down in Grandjean. The place was always packed on weekends and there was music seven nights a week.

  • Hey Gordon Johnson, I think I was there the night Tennessee came into the bar and I sang old McDonald with him, so I was told. My mother Shelda used to date Casanova Jack for a couple of years, I have an old picture of the three of us when I was only 4 or 5 years old. The year must have been 1986 or 1987. Hit me up .

  • Jack sang at our party on Redfish lake for our honeymoon and sadly sang Welcome to my World at my father in laws funeral. We miss you cuz.

  • I have many great memories of that summer. I played fiddle for Jack for a couple summers and off and on after that. I was ‘almost’ on that album, but went to college that fall instead…
    That’s ‘Shawnalotta Shawn’, on Bass. Jack was a good friend and I do miss him too. Thanks for the post on this album, it’s a good one. :}

  • I am the grandson of Glen and Neil Brewer. My father Jerry, his brother Warren pasted away many years ago. My family lives in Las Vegas, and I moved to Texas. Pat Brewer, my cousins son, died suddenly in Las Vegas, 3 months later Pat went on to meet the Lord.

    I remember spending my summers in either Stanley or Challis. My older sister Barbara, spent even more time in Stanley. There were several times grampa would lease the gun club, onlyto have to take it back a few years latter.

    In the 70’s I worked with the forest service, with jack ivey, doug leaton, bill millick bud hamiltom, i also remember the strands and the pevies.

    It has been over 35 years since I was last in that beautiful part of the country.

    Bill Brewer

  • I spent 7 summers of my life in Stanley at Redfish Lodge. I get the local Stanley updates and the Rod and Gun club was mentioned. I was remembering Cassanova Jack and his blue party pontoon boat. What an interesting fellow.

  • I would love to find the lyrics to the song. Captain Eldon Handy. Thanks

  • I would love to find the lyrics to Capt. Eldon Handy

  • used to go see jack with Pat Ryan and the Clarendon Hot Springs ranch crew. Somewhere I have a couple songs jack wrote for Pat– 6 foot 2 irish cowboy and bullet proof. Pat flew jack to Toronto and recorded them and I wound up with a copy– don’t know if it still exists –cassettes are pretty much gone

  • I am Bruce Miller aka Billy Williams. Met Jack at Mule Shoe in Hailey. Sat in with him and he introduced me as Cousin Bill Williams…still don’t know why.

    We drove two vans to Nashville and recorded in Faron Young’s studio who was a friend of Jack in his Nashville days playing in Jim Reeves Band.

    Lived a summer in the “cribs” ..the shacks out behind the Rod and Gun Club.

    My musician friends from Ketchum would come and sit in when Jack needed a break. Wayne Lowe, BBQ bob, Todd Rawlinson, Amos Galpin and Fred something who was a monster guitar player. These were to be future members of Rude Bruce and the Vialtones in Ketchum

  • So, did anyone ever come up with the record? Either vinyl or CD. I am very interested. Was in Stanley this last weekend, it was all pretty busy. Mountain Village was hopping. Thanks.

  • Anyone remember what the lyrics are to Triangle C? I only know bits and pieces. Would love to have this album. I also loved the River of No Return

  • I have that album, jack and mary gave it to me years ago with all the signatures of the band on it, still have it to this day and still in perfect condition, haven’t been up to the club for alot of years but know the band members for sure, lol

  • I have that album from jack and mary and the rest of the band, signed by all of them,

  • I’ve got a copy of the record signed by Casanova Jack and dated 1979.

    It’s probably been played twice! If anybody wants it then it’s free to a good home if you cover the postage from the UK.

    After i left school in 79 i spent a couple of months travelling round the US and found myself in the Rod and Gun Club. Had a few fun evenings in there and everybody was very friendly.

    Just email me if you want the record – first one gets it…

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